Clarion’s teachers have not only accepted my son, but have embraced and encouraged him to be who he is. It amazes me how well his teachers have assessed and fostered his strengths, and identified and created an action plan for his areas of opportunity. My son is happy and excited to go to school everyday and I’m certain it’s because of the school’s uplifting environment.
Sara Hyder
I have 2 kids at Clarion and I love how it’s a small community and almost everyone feels like a family, from the parents to the teachers. Clarion helped my kids integrate easily and I love the close bonds with the teachers. I think Clarion was the perfect option to introducing my kids to school. A big thank you to all the staff who are always so nice and welcoming,
Dalia Antar
From the moment we walked in Clarion, the children were greeted by the Principal with a smile and a cuddle. The environment is open and welcoming. Teachers strike an effective balance between fun and a firm hand. Every staff in the school is dedicated and caring. I love the play based nature of the curriculum, with an emphasis on imaginative play, planning and team work. The `learning through play` concept has given Atlas an opportunity to pick up knowledge without being pressured, which makes him enjoy going to school. He loves to come home and tell me about what he did in school. His vocabulary and confidence is increasing day by day. Thank you, for the wonderful work you are doing with our precious children.
Burcin Yukselir
We chose Clarion as it was the environment our son felt most comfortable being himself and Ms. Andrea his Pre K teacher at Clarion was amazing. We also love the progressive teaching method and nurturing nature of the school.
- Jackie and Matthew
One of the best things about Clarion are it’s amazing teachers that create amazing relationships with all kids and educate them in a creative, loving and professional way. Kaiden and Milan sometimes ask to go to school on the weekend.
It’s lovely to be part of this forward thinking community striving for a future proof and human focused education!
- Kris Vancompernolle
We have now been in Dubai for a little over two years after being in the U.S. for a while. As a newbie, I had some anxiety over selecting the right school for my son. I come from a refugee family that highly values education, not the kind you find from books alone. After pondering, I asked a second cousin of mine who studied in the UAE. She recommended Clarion School. I kept a mental note. Then by luck, I met Dr. Paul Lieblich at a Ramadan Iftar later that year. The mental note manifested into a school tour and that is when all the talk about Clarion really started making sense. We never expected to find a progressive school in Dubai that aligns with our family’s values and felt like I found a great learning community for Adel and our family straight away. We are humbled and grateful to be part of this active parent community, to respect the environment and adjust our lifestyle as we go, learn Arabic and build long-lasting friendships with a diverse base of students, teachers and their families. I cannot wait to hear Adel’s stories about growing up here.
Noor Higley & Alaa Alabbade
We’ve been at Clarion since it opened, our girls were in KG1 and first grade at the time. We chose Clarion because of their progressive approach, and have seen them evolve over the years. From the beginning, Clarion put a great deal of effort into creating a community; something that was missing from our previous experience. We have stayed at Clarion because of the teachers and the community; they continue to hire teacher that we absolutely love, and the community continues to be supportive and diverse. We consider them partners in helping us to raise good human beings, not just our child’s academic educators.
Kristin Lee
Clarion is truly an outstanding school. We enrolled our son in Pre-K and we are delighted with his development thanks to the fantastic teaching team of Ms. Andrea and her assistants. Our son loves going to school and interacting with his teacher and classmates.
Sabaa Al-Taii
What makes Clarion special is the careful attention that everyone from the owner, Aparna, to the administration staff – everyone deeply cares to spark and keep the curiosity and passion for learning alive in all of the children at the school and there is such an enormous effort to build a warm, caring and supportive community. Many schools in Dubai claim to follow a progressive pedagogy however I’ve only seen it followed through at Clarion. What I love the most is walking into the school and seeing such confident children fully engaged and loving going there everyday …you will find children all over the corridors and classrooms deeply engaged in their ‘work’ whether that is on their own, with their friends or with the teachers… stood up, sat down, investigating around, collaborating together with the abundant resources which are Reggio inspired. My husband and I have 7 children plus a business in education and what we know is that the most important contribution a school can make to a child enable them to have fun every day and be passionate life learners…this is most definitely happening at Clarion. For sure you will find many other schools with fancier facilities but I challenge you to find another school that pays so much attention to creating the right environment for our children to just fall in love with learning
Charlotte Borghesi
Kids can be taught “things” anywhere. At Clarion, my boys are learning how to learn. Combine that with the fact that they come home from school happy every day tells me they are at the right place.
Martin Chavez
We chose Clarion because we wanted an American school and liked the progressive ideology.
We believe that progressive education is a great way to prepare our daughter for the future ways of working, which is why we chose Clarion.
- Gabriella and Marc
I believe that if your child is happy and developing at school then it’s a good school, so let’s dance because we are loving the education and the girls are happy at Clarion. As a parent that have tried and tested all curriculums I must say we are loving the progressive way of learning. If I look at myself, I never remembered by only reading books I learned by doing things and that’s what the progressive program is about 🙌🏻 education is the passport to the future and you will never regret that you invested in their education but I always say if the child is happy that is what matters the most and my kids are super happy at Clarion
Elli Kasabi
Choosing Clarion for our son’s next steps in education was the best decision we could have made as a family. I had my eyes on Clarion for Jayden when Clarion opened, two years before he actually joined. Knowing his progressive learning style and infinitely inquisitive nature, Clarion could be the only choice for him! As an educator and a principal of a nursery (and a partner organization of Clarion), I was looking for a school for my son where he could continue to learn and grow in a progressive mindset similar to what we follow at our nursery. Clarion is a perfect continuation of the path that Jayden has started on with me at the nursery. He has maintained his curious and inquisitive nature and has even expanded it. His teachers are true educators, who are masters of their profession! They are invested in children who are under their care. Jayden adores and looks up to Ms. Maie and Ms. Michelle and loves all his other teachers as well. Beyond the classroom and academic excellence, as a parent, I greatly value the 22nd-century skills that my son learns and practices at Clarion. The fact that he is part of a classroom that instills problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, collaboration, and leadership skills, whilst establishing and maintaining a clear community, unity, sustainability, and empathy centric value system is invaluable to us! I love the fact that Clarion is a community school, where parents know each other and the children, where Jayden cannot walk through the school building without being called by name by any and all the teachers. As an educator, I admire the vision, talent, dedication and hard work from everyone involved in the process of not just creating, but maintaining, growing, and constantly evolving such an amazing school. Clarion is THE school for us!
- Fruzsina Benyei-Anirudhan


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