Our Creativity and Innovation Programaddresses the multiple intelligences, connects with the core-curriculum, is STEAM-based, and highlights the arts. The design process is embedded in our curriculum: plan, make, share. Student creation is at the heart of what we do. We use cutting-edge technologies and resources that are supported by the most current research in innovative education.

We define technology as any tool that advances the application of knowledge, which includes computers, paintbrushes, musical instruments, pencils, hammers, robots, clay, and much more! We equip our students with the tools that they need to shape the world around them.

Our program highlights design thinking and includes the Visual Arts Programand Music Program, along with an integrated approach to design and technology, media arts, and performance arts. All classes participate in visual art and music specials at least 1x per week and are involved in inquiry-based interdisciplinary projects throughout the year.

Inspired Teachers = Inspired Students

Clarion hires the best of the best! Our lead teachers are polymaths and skilled in a variety of areas. They are encouraged to try new things and embrace a maker mindset. We believe that teachers who take risks and are adventurous encourage these traits in our students.

To this end, Clarion teachers are held to the same expectation as our students. Our program is grounded in International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Student Standards and the 21stCentury Skills. To support this, we employ an Innovative Learning Coordinator to work with classroom teachers to bring projects and ideas to life by integrating technology and innovative strategies

We are:

Empowered Learners

Digital Citizens

Knowledge Constructors

Innovative Designers

Computational Thinkers

Creative Communicators

Global Collaborators

Our students are consistently challenged to:





We believe that:

– all students are innovators, composers, creators, and makers

– learning must be experiential, experimental, and explorative

– learning is enhanced through making

– imaginative thinking must be nurtured and encouraged

Clarion students will be:
Responsible- Demonstrate the responsible use of varying technologies (eg. electronic, arts materials, musical instruments, etc.) and an understanding of ethics and safety issues in using media at home, in school, and in society.
Innovative- Demonstrate the ability to proficiently use different technologies (eg. electronic, arts materials, musical instruments, etc.) for research, critical thinking, decision making, communication and collaboration, creativity and innovation.
Global Change-Makers- Demonstrate the ability to think globally and to solve real-world problems that inspire social change.
Operational Practices

All classes have an Innovation period at least once a week where teachers and students can learn new skills and apply those skills in student-led creations in our dedicated maker space, ateliers, or classroom maker spaces.

All teachers are trained to integrate technology and the arts into their lessons and are coached in developing innovative curriculum. Teachers are provided with at least 30 hours of training in integration throughout the year.

Classrooms are blended learning environments.

Teachers and students have access to Maker’s Island, which includes a dedicated makerspace, woodshop, art studio, and music studio.

Early Years

In the early years we believe a focus on social skills is critical. Our classroom teachers carefully design ways for students to understand the design process and experiment with a variety of materials, while engaging with appropriate technology. Our early years students are being empowered in 21stCentury Skills from an early age. They regularly participate in activities such as using the woodshop for group projects, to learning basic fundamentals of computer programming through the use of programmable robots, to creating their own inventions using recycled materials.

Elementary Years

In the elementary years, our primary philosophy is that learning is enhanced through making. Students are involved in interdisciplinary projects that provide them the opportunities to be creators, innovators, and collaborators in our ever-changing world. Computer technology, as well as other technologies and resources, are skillfully integrated into our curriculum in order to expose our students to a multitude of experiences. Teachers and students are trained by our Innovative Learning Coordinator to utilize the arts, and other resources, such as robotics, slideshows, spreadsheets, and other data processing and presentation tools, for learning.

Clarion follows the ISTE Standards (International Society for Technology in Education), the National Core Arts Standards, and the Partnership for 21stCentury Learning.

Clarion’s Technology Scope and Sequence

Clarion’s Art Scope and Sequence

Clarion’s Music Scope and Sequence

Clarion’s Tech Integration Road Map


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