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SwissCanonica is aligned with Clarion’s mission to nourish our students. SwissCanonica provides delicious, healthy, nutritive food which is essential for the physical health and fitness of the children.

Students have a choice to bring lunch and snacks or purchase food from our canteen provider, SwissCononica. Please help us establish healthy eating habits by sending healthy food and snacks; keep in mind we are a nut- free campus.

SwissCanonica offers a nutritious and balanced menu that is designed to fuel and satisfy young children throughout the school day.  Each meal consists of a vegetable starter, protein based main course with a side dish, and finished with a healthy dessert.  The food looks appealing – freshly cooked, home style meals designed for children; it is the right combination of healthy and delicious. Information and sign-up forms for SwissConica will be available during the first week of school. Parents can sign up to start the lunch/snack program from September 9.

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