Healthy eating

Theo’s Point, a part of Fait Maison, is aligned with Clarion’s mission to not only nourish students, our parents and ourselves, but also act as a steward for global citizenship through its practice of fair trade buying.

Every child should have access to foods that nourish the body for an active, healthy lifestyle. Our choice of caterer at school is essential to completing our vision of providing the best that we can for our students, your children while they are in our care. The vision of Theo’s Point is to bring state of healthy balance through the choice of ingredients and foods for young people.

Using organic, locally sourced ingredients when possible, Theo’s team creates delicious lunch and snack options for students and runs our Parents’ Café in the main lobby. You can use your Clarion security swipe card to purchase from the Parents’ Café, and to purchase monthly or weekly snack and lunch plans for your child.

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