Clarion Scholarship Program

At Clarion, our mission is to incorporate positive change into our learning ecosystem, making it part of our daily DNA. To that end, we are introducing our first school scholarship - 'Clarion's Positive Change Scholarship' - to recognize and attract those change agents we seek to serve as role models.

Starting in the academic year 2023-2024, we are offering eligible individuals an opportunity of 25% off their annual tuition fees.



  • Applications are welcome for students joining us in Grade 3 and above in the new academic year, 2023-2024.
  • The value of our scholarship is 25% off the annual tuition fees.
  • The scholarship will be reviewed and renewed on a yearly basis.


Our Ideal Candidate: 

  • A global mindset, motivated and inspired to positively change the world.
  • Civic minded to their community and others.
  • Involved in positive initiatives and projects throughout the year (e.g. volunteering work, activities, job etc.).
  • Role model for our Clarion community and the wider community.

Candidate Selection Process:

  1. Submit the Online Application:
  • All applicants should complete the Online Application form by clicking here 
  1. Positive References:
  • Once we receive the application form, a member of our admissions team will reach out to you for the contact information of the relevant references.
  • Positive references are required from the applicant’s initiative supervisor and a member of the Senior Leadership Team at the applicant’s current school.
  1. Interview:
  • A member of our admissions team will invite the shortlisted applicants for an in-person interview with our Principal and the Senior Leadership Team.
  1. Final Review:
  • Clarion‘s Scholarship Committee will review the applications received.
  • Post this process, a member of our admissions team will reach out to you and confirm your child’s scholarship at Clarion School for the new academic year.

One person can make a difference, and everyone should try!

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