The essential questions of an Interdisciplinary Study increase in complexity to reflect the growing influence and comfort the students have from understanding their environment to positively affecting their environment, which is reflected in a greater range of community based activities.

An additional language elective is also chosen upon entering Middle School. Upon entering high school, the subjects will take on greater rigor as students embark on their different academic pathways including electives. The main form of learning happens within discrete subject learning, but as many cross-disciplinary links as possible are maintained to create a contextual and authentic application to learning. The selection of subject course offerings and electives will reflect our emphasis on STEAM and Entrepreneurial Studies but will be broad enough to cater to other students’ interests.

To graduate from high school, all students will be expected to successfully complete and pass a minimum of 22 credits. They will also be required to complete 80 hours of community service which is reflective of our school values.

Students entering Grade 11 may choose to pursue an IB diploma in addition to an American high school diploma.


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