We encourage your questions and welcome you to Clarion School. For your convenience we have created 7 videos answering core questions and below the videos a list of FAQs.
What is Scholars International Group (SIG)?

SIG is a leading educational organization with a mission to develop international schools of excellence in this region. The founders are graduates from Georgetown University and the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

What curriculum do you follow?

We follow the American curriculum. Our curriculum is developed in collaboration with New York City’s Bank Street College of Education and aligned to the NY State Common Core Standards (Common Core + 15). We are an official affiliate school of New York City’s Bank Street College of Education.

Where are the teaching staff from?

Our primary avenue for educator recruitment is through the Bank Street College of Education. We use a number of secondary avenues such as the Progressive Educators Network, Harvard University and International School Services. All our lead educators are required to have teaching experience from the US and hold a Master’s Degree in Education from the US.

How old must my child be to start school?

Children must be 3 years old by December 31 of the academic year they are applying for.

How many children are there in each class?

For Pre-K the maximum number of students per class is 18. In KG1 and KG2, the maximum number of students per class is 20. In Grades 1, 2, 3 and higher the maximum number of students in 24.

How many teachers do you have in class?

Each class has a designated classroom teacher who holds a Master of Education Degree and a qualified assistant teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree and the necessary experience.

Do you provide transport?

Yes, we offer a school bus service, open to all Clarion students. All the buses used adhere to the strictest RTA safety standards. A female bus nanny travels with each vehicle.

How do you communicate with Parents?

We have a school portal for parents to access student and school information. Teachers communicate events in school and classroom activities using the app SeeSaw. Your teacher will give you information on downloading it.

What is your fee payment schedule?

Our payment schedule is June 30 – Semester 1 tuition, December 31 – Semester 2 tuition. There is a Founders Fee discount, available to families enrolling for September 2016. Sibling discount is 10% for the second child, 15% for the third child. Payments are accepted by check, cash or bank transfer.

Does the school require a uniform?

Yes. One uniform set and PE kit are provided as part of the school fee.

Do you provide food services?

Yes, children may purchase a healthy meal option.

Do you have after school activities?

We offer after-school activities starting 10 minutes after the school day ends. Activities are on a 10-week block schedule.

Does the school have a parents association?

Yes the Clarion Parent Community will commence after school opens in September. We strongly encourage all parents to participate.

How and when should i apply?

All applications are made on our website in the admissions tab. You should apply the year before you will enter school. Feel free to call +971 04 407 3000 or email to admissions@clarionschool.com

Is there an assessment for admission?

All students will be assessed as part of the admissions process. Assessment information is not used for selectivity.

How can I learn more about the school and the curriculum?

We have several Open Mornings scheduled, which provide more detailed information on the school with a presentation. You may find these events and others on our website www.clarionschool.com or you may call or email to schedule an appointment at 04 407 3000 or admissions@clarionschool.com

What grade does my child go to if he/she is moving from a 13-year curriculum to a 12-year curriculum?

This will often depend on the age of your child at the time of transfer and the year they have completed at their previous school. The general equivalency is as follows: Pre-K = FS1, KG1 = FS2, KG2 = Year 1, Grade 1 = Year 2, Grade 2 = Year 3, Grade 3 = Year 4.

Do you offer any additional language electives?

Yes, French as an additional language begins in Pre-K and continues through all grades. Arabic language studies also begin in Pre-K and continue through all grades. Additional language electives will start at middle school. We follow KHDA guidelines for Arabic and Islamic studies from grade 1 onward.

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