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Clarion Newsletter, March 25, 2021

Dear Parents and Friends, Today was a fruits and veggie day all over campus and I am so proud of the creativity of the teachers, students and parents. The PE staff of Narsisa and Marko (aka. Ms. Avocado and Mr. Carrot today!) set up a fabulous...

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Clarion Newsletter, March 11, 2021

Dear Parents and friends of Clarion School, The weather is holding up and enabling us to continue to access the outside areas of the school for use as extensions to our classrooms. We hope to keep this up until at least the Spring Break which starts...

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Clarion Newsletter March 4, 2021

In honor of Reading awareness month, Ms. Heena the librarian and Ms. Alyssa the Pre K C teacher are partnering together to arrange a schoolwide Book Swap! This will give students the opportunity to share and reuse pre-loved books with one another....

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Clarion Newsletter February 25, 2021

Good afternoon Parents and friends of Clarion School, Our Special Dress Down/Up Day today: I’d like to thank the teachers, students and other staff who helped with the amazing decorations in the courtyard today for Chinese New Year. YES, I know that it was not this...

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Clarion Newsletter February 11, 2021

Good afternoon Parents and friends of Clarion! International Day was a great success! Thank you all for your warmth and for celebrating “International Day” at drop off and pick up in our Clarion School “Avenue of Nations” in front of school today! It...

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Educational theories; Past and Present

Teachers who develop active learners and who understand which approaches work for each child can create a room full of students who are engaged in the learning process, even if that process looks a bit different for every individual.

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Summer Reading list for parents

We have selected some of the most inspiring and helpful parenting and education books from the past few years and put together this list, covering a range of ages and topics.

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