School is a preparation for life that is endured.School is a part of life that is welcomed and enjoyed.
Children are passive absorbers of information and authority.Children are active participants, problem solvers, and planners. They have ownership of their learning.
Teachers are sources of information and authority.Teachers are facilitators, guides who foster thinking.
Parents are outsiders and uninvolved.Parents are an extension of the classroom and serve as resources.
Instruction is linear and largely values knowing the facts.Instruction is spiraled and largely values knowing how to think.
Disciplines are taught separately.Disciplines are integrated as children make connections to real world applications.
Skills are taught discreetly and are viewed as goals.Skills are related to content and are viewed as tools.
Children Learning is valued by external criteria particularly test results.Children Learning is valued by a number of criteria including the character of learners.
Learning is driven by an external motivation of rewards or recognition.Learning is driven by an intrinsic motivation of a joy for learning.
Failure is penalized.Failure is seen as an important part of the learning process. Intellectual risk taking is encouraged.
Products are the end point.Process is valued in the creation of product.
Planning is carefully followed to meet pre-determined teacher objectives.Planning is intentional but emergent to support children’s unplanned explorations and extensions of learning.
Learning happens within the classroom.Lifelong Learning happens within the child.

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