Essential Information

Essential Names and Numbers

  • The Clarion office number: +9714 407 3000
  • For Dr. Williams, Superintendent: extension 110
  • For Admissions, Asia Diaz: extension 101
  • For Security Cards, Gabrielle Keane: extension 105
  • For Bus information: Ben Ramos, 04 407 3000
  • For IT information or help with The Communicator: Rushna Patel, 04 407 3000

Essential Communications

How do I access the school communications app?

Clarion School supports its own school app, The Communicator. To install on your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop go to Click on the Schools Download tab at the top and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions contact IT at 04 407 3000, Rushna Patel.

Essential Dates and Times

The first week of school is an orientation week with stepped timings, grade by grade.

Contact Dr. William’s office or check the Communicator for further details on school opening times.

  • School Timings and the Sibling Club
    • Pre-K timings are: 7:45 am to 2:00 pm
    • KG1 – Grade 4 timings are: 7:45 am to 3:00 pm
    • CCs are from 3:15 to 4:00pm

There is a sibling club for Pre-K students to attend while they wait for their older siblings. Consult your class teacher if you wish your child to attend.

Other Essentials

School lunch and snack

You can order lunch or snack monthly, weekly or daily. Contact our school caterer, Yum in a box by emailing Mr. Mohammad on:

Extra Curricular Activities

Find the full list of CCs on the website under the CC tab. Sign up for CCs on The Communicator. Ask your teacher if you don’t see the CC your child is interested in taking or if you would like to teach an CC.

Security Cards and Bracelets

We provide each family with two parent security cards and each child with a security bracelet. The cards and bracelet are used to tap in to school each day to provide daily attendance, as well as bus attendance. The cards and bracelets also can be used for purchases in the Parent cafe, Children’s book cafe and Uniform shop. Instruction on how to use your security cards and bracelets will be provided at parent orientation. Contact Gabrielle Keane at 04 407 3000 for information or ask your classroom teacher.

The Uniform Shop

One set of school uniform and PE and swim kit is provided in the tuition. Additional uniforms can be purchased in the uniform shop located in the admissions office off the lobby.

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