Essential Information

Essential Names and Numbers

The Clarion office number: +971 4 407 3000

Larry Thaxter, Principal:

Suzanne Rodricks, Vice Principal:

To Report an absence:

To contact the school nurse, Kristen Ballares:

For Bus information:

For IT information, Rushna Patel:

Essential Communications

Our school portal operates on the Mograsys Information system. Parents can download this app to desktop and mobiles. Information is available from Clarion IT information,

Essential Dates and Times

PRE-K School Hours
The full PreK day is 7:45am to 3:00pm. At arrival, please bring your child to your classroom.

Early Pick-Up Option

For PreK parents who would like to pick up children earlier, we offer Early Pick-Up Option at 12:30pm. Please notify your teacher to make arrangements for this option. The Early Pick-Up Option is available only to PreK students.

K1 to Grade 7 School Hours

The full K1 to Grade 7 day is 7:45am to 3:00pm.
School Gates open at 7:30am. At arrival, please bring your child to the gym.

Other Essentials

School lunch

Swiss Canonica is the school lunch provider.

Security Cards and ID

We provide each family with two parent security cards. The cards are used to tap into school each day to provide secure access into the school buildings. For all other entry into the school a valid photo ID must be provided at the Security Gate.

The Uniform Shop

Uniforms can be purchased in the uniform shop located in the Atrium. Shop hours are Monday to Thursday, 7:45am to 8:30am, 2:45pm to 3:45pm. Shop hours will be extended for parents’ convenience.


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