Grade 5 to Grade 6

The engaging curriculum will maintain its interdisciplinary nature primarily through the use of the Study. The Study will provide meaningful context, multiple perspectives and will build on the foundations laid at kindergarten level. Standards are aligned to the New York State Common Core Standards +15.

The Study is the lens through which children’s learning occurs. Through this Interdisciplinary Study, learning is systematically integrated across the different subjects and builds on previous learning. This provides for “deeper learning”. Subject specific course work will thus focus on those subject standards not met during the Study as well as those standards that need to be explored in more detail.

Through the Study, the teachers will be able to meet learning goals using a relevant, rich and engaging topic bringing subject standards to life in meaningful ways that are tied to real world experiences. Each Study will have an emergent aspect that allows for the pursuit of students’ interests and their own questions. It also provides students further opportunity to take responsibility for their own learning. This not only makes the learning fun and engaging but allows for unplanned problems and questions which require students to apply increasing higher order and critical thinking skills.

The collaborative nature of a Study also supports the development of many 21st century competencies and skills as children learn with and from each other.

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