Easing The Back-to-School Transition

Sep 3, 2017

Ease the back-to-school transition and get everyone excited for the year of growth and learning that lies ahead.

It is that time of year! Parents and children are getting ready for a new school year, busy labeling supplies and shopping for shoes and other necessities. September can be a time of anxiety for parents and children, and if we spend a bit of time with our children thinking about goals and opportunities, we can help ease the transition and get everyone excited for the year of growth and learning that lies ahead.  Here are four types of goals you can set with your children, and make similar goals for yourself!

  1. Learning goal: What is one area of study or one skill you want to improve this year? How can you accomplish this, and how can your parents and teachers help?
  2. Student goal: What is one habit that will make you a better student, and how can you work on this? What can your parents and teachers do to support this goal?
  3. Friendship goal: What is one way that you can be a better friend? Can you be more helpful, better at listening, or open to other people’s ideas?
  4. Home goal: What are some responsibilities that you can take on at home to help the days run more smoothly? Can you help make meals, fold the laundry or play games with younger siblings?

In addition to setting these goals with your children, have conversations about the opportunities that each goal presents. Being more kind and open with friends will mean that your child makes new friends easily. Taking on more responsibility at home will mean the family enjoys more quality time together. Working hard as a student, even in areas that are challenging, will bring progress and moments of joy in learning.

Most importantly, having these conversations early in the year opens the door for an open dialogue throughout the school year about what is going well and how your family can work together to face challenges. To help with accountability and check in on these goals, set aside time for a regular family meeting.



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