Clarion Newsletter March 4, 2021

March 16, 2021


In honor of Reading awareness month, Ms. Heena the librarian and Ms. Alyssa the Pre K C
teacher are partnering together to arrange a schoolwide Book Swap! This will give students
the opportunity to share and reuse pre-loved books with one another. The plan is for
everyone to bring in 1-5 books from their home that they would like to swap out for “new”
ones. In return, they will receive book coupons. The books will be collected from Sunday
March 7th to Thursday March 11th and put into a special quarantine in the library for safety.
Each teacher will collect the books in a bin and we will come around to collect them and
issue coupons. In the following weeks, classes will take turns swapping out their coupons
for new books to read and enjoy before Spring Break!

We will do this as separate Grade levels in the Pre K, K1 and K2, and mixed Grades 3-4-5
and Grades 1-2 mixed.

Please send the books in to the classroom homeroom teacher in a bag with your child’s
name on the bag for proper issuance of the exchange coupons!

Recipes for “Health Week” March 21-25: A note from Ms. Narsisa:

I am excited to announce that we are planning to create a Clarion Healthy Recipe book.

I was asking the children to describe their favorite healthy meal and I was very impressed
with the variety of flavors and ideas from different parts of the world. Wouldn’t it be fun to
share all of these ideas in a document and try and enjoy these in our own homes? It will be
a digital book that includes recipes that are approved and loved by Clarion students and
parents. It can be anything from breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or smoothie.

Do you have a healthy and delicious recipe to share within our Clarion community?

If yes, please send your recipe to Ms. Narsisa

Dress up reminders….see below!

March 18th – Book Characters Dress UP day

March 25th- Healthy Foods- fruits and vegetables Dress UP day!

PTC’s is now April 29th:

We have moved the scheduled PTC (parent teacher conferences) from March 22 to April
29th to match up with the 3rd quarter narrative progress report. Thanks for making a note
of this in your calendar as it is a ‘school day’ with the children at home for parents to
schedule zoom conferences with their teachers. The sign-ups will be sent to you at a later
date. Thank you!

In closing I want to thank you all for your support for what we do at Clarion. The weekly
KHDA visitor was here today, and she was so impressed with the way we are conducting
school, and how the teachers and students are making the absolute best of what we have
here to ensure that teaching and learning are minimally impacted by Covid regulations. She
actually said “I wish my children went to Clarion!”.

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