Clarion Newsletter, June 16, 2023

June 16, 2023

Dear Parents and Friends of Clarion,

As we enter the closing week of this academic year, it serves as a gentle reminder that as of Monday, June 19, we have only 6 school days remaining before we bid farewell to this academic year.

Please note that the last official day of school for this school year will be Monday, June 26. It is crucial that we encourage our children to diligently attend school until the very last day.

1. Clarion Multi-purpose Hall –

To maintain the cleanliness and condition of the Multipurpose Hall, we kindly request that all students wear white sole runners or non-marking colored sole shoes. Shoes with colored soles that may cause scuff marks on the floor will not be allowed. As well, only flat sole shoes (no spiked heels) are permitted in the area. We wish to ensure the flooring is not damaged.

2. Student Re-registration for 2023-24 School Year –

We would like to thank all families for completing the re-enrollment process and paying the seat deposit to secure their child’s place for the upcoming academic year. Please note that this deposit will be fully deducted from your child’s tuition fees in September 2023.

Parents who have not paid the deposit at this time have been moved to our wait list for the coming school year. Once payment is secured the student will be removed from the wait list and will have a secured spot for the coming school year.

To secure your child’s seat or for any accounts related queries, please contact Mr. Jafar at

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to another successful year at Clarion School.

3. 2023-2024 Staffing –

Our staffing for the upcoming school year is nearly finalized, with approximately 95% positions filled at this time. We expect to complete the staffing process by the end of next week. As part of our effort to introduce the new staff members to the school community, we will be sharing video introductions of a few staff members each week. This week, we are delighted to feature the following new staff members -

  1. Eve Murray: Eve will be the homeroom teacher for K2.
  2. Theresa Dickson: Theresa will be teaching Science to students in Grade 5, 6 and 7.

4. Academic Calendar –

We have finalized our Calendar for the next Academic year, 2023 - 24. We are thrilled to share the finalized schedule, packed with a multitude of enriching events and educational milestones that will shape the educational journey of our students.

The details are shared further on in our Newsletter below.

5. Peter Pan Production –

Join us for an enchanting adventure as Clarion School proudly presents a captivating Peter Pan theatre production! The performance is scheduled to take place at 5:30 PM on Tuesday, June 20, and will be held in our state-of-the-art Multi-purpose Hall, a brand new addition to our school facilities.

To ensure that we can accommodate all attendees comfortably, we kindly request parents to RSVP for the event. Your response will assist us in making appropriate seating arrangements for everyone in attendance. Additionally, we would like to remind parents to wear suitable footwear, such as flat sole shoes (no spiked or heel shoes), while in the Multi-purpose Hall.

Please click on the RSVP link to sign up -

6. Culminations and Class Concerts –

The culminations held through this week were a tremendous success. From captivating performances to thought-provoking presentations, our students demonstrated their remarkable skills and showcased their individuality with great enthusiasm.

We would like to thank our parents for their presence and unwavering support that made a significant impact on our student’s confidence and motivation. We would also like to extend our appreciation to our dedicated and passionate teachers who have tirelessly guided and mentored our students.

7. KG 2, Grade 5 & Grade 7 Transition Ceremony –

The transition ceremonies held on Friday, June 9 for our KG 2, Grade 5 and Grade 7 students, were a great success. Our Grade 7 students further enjoyed a wonderful evening and sleepover at Clarion. We would like to thank our CPC for funding the supper and breakfast for the students.

Our students were very dedicated and enthusiastic and truly made the events memorable. We thank our parents for encouraging and motivating our students with your presence. We truly appreciate our teachers, for their perseverance and support in making the events a true success.

8. iReady Testing –

This week, our students of Grade 1 to Grade 7 completed the iReady diagnostic assessment to assess their reading skills. iReady, a renowned US Curriculum-based provider, offers this assessment in alignment with the KHDA requirements, ensuring compliance with educational standards. The KHDA has mandated this assessment as an essential component of our academic program.

For students who were unable to participate in the assessment, additional testing sessions have been scheduled to ensure their inclusion. The internal data generated by iReady will play a vital role in enhancing reading proficiency across various subjects, aligning with the parameters outlined in the UAE's National Agenda.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, our students will have the opportunity to undertake the iReady assessment once again in September, as mandated by the KHDA. At that time, comprehensive family reports will be shared, providing a detailed overview of their child's progress and areas of focus.

9. ‘F1 in Schools’ –

We are proud to announce that Clarion school is set to participate in the highly anticipated 'F1 in schools' ETHARA competition on Saturday, June 17, 2023. This prestigious event will bring together more than 1000 students from across the UAE, all vying for success. The F1 in schools competition challenges students to utilize their STEM skills in designing, constructing, and racing miniature Formula 1 cars.

We would like to thank Mr. Victor for his unwavering dedication and invaluable support in mentoring our exceptional team of Grade 7 students: Eddie, Yousuf, Majid, and Helena.

We wish our team the very best of luck and eagerly anticipate their success and the lessons they will learn from this remarkable experience.

10. Clarion Sports –

Kudos to our talented students for the below achievements -

  • Under 9 Girls Basketball team, whose exceptional skills and teamwork were on full display during their recent participation in the Dassa Tournament held at JBS.
  • Under 13 Boys Basketball team for delivering an outstanding performance during their thrilling match at the Dassa Basketball game hosted by Uptown School.
  • Under 11 boys and girls who proudly represented our school at the Dubai School Games for Badminton.

Next Week

Monday, June 19 - Under 9 Dassa Basketball Tournament at English College.

11. Student Field Trips –

Field trips are an important aspect of the educational program at Clarion. Just a friendly reminder that field trips are not meant to be optional and that students are asked to participate unless they are home ill on the day of the trip.

Next week, we have the following Field Trip -

Monday, June 19 - Field Trip - Aqaventure Water Park - Grade 7.

Thursday, June 22 - Field Trip - Dubai Exhibition Center - Expo City - Grade 4 -7.

Thursday, June 22 - Field Trip - Etihad Museum - Grade 3 A & B.

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday, June 19, 2023!



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