Clarion Newsletter, February 4, 2022

February 4, 2022

Good afternoon Clarion School parents!

Happy first Friday of February to all you WATER TIGERS out there!

This is the “Year of the Tiger” in the Chinese calendar and from my understanding there are different types of tigers for each year in the cycle….and it happens to be the turn of the “Water Tiger”. This week it has been fantastic to pop into Art class to see some of the designs Ms. Srei is doing with her students- Thank you M. Srei and I can’t wait to see them on display!

I’ve. also noted in some classrooms, in hallways and even outside children’s work celebrating this as done in classrooms- thank you teachers!

CCI’s and PE and TRIPS are back on!:

KHDA lifted the January extra restrictions on no PE, no trips, no assemblies and no CCI’s. Some trips went out this last week and will go again next week. PE started back with regular lessons this week; and CCI’s begin on Monday!

Everyone should have received the sign up link earlier this week. I myself am looking forward sponsoring the Wednesday builders club with the Pre-K, K1 and K2; and the Monday Lego Club Grades 3 to 6!

Dubai Sports Finally came to recognize the winner:

The Dubai Student Games finally came to Clarion within the rules of the DHA and KHDA protocols to award Aryan, one of our 6th graders, with his championship medal for winning the Dubai city scholastic Golf Championship several months ago. It was lovely to have his parents here and his classmates to clap as the official awarding of the medal happened. Congratulations Aryan!

Maternity Leave PE teacher for Ms. Narsisa:

We say goodbye today for a few months to Ms. Narsisa as she goes on Maternity leave, and welcome to Ms. Angelica as her long term cover replacement. Ms. Angelica is a certified PE teacher with great enthusiasm for what she does and she already is running lessons during this transition week co-teaching with Ms. Narsisa. Thank you to both of these professionals for their dedication to the craft of teaching, while showing such care for your children, our students!

Open Morning Wednesday February 16:

At 10:30 AM we will have the next “Open Morning” for potential students for Clarion's next academic year. Please extend this invitation to your friends- just ask them to contact us through one of the following:

The Open Morning will start with a brief welcome from the senior leadership team (myself, Suzanne and Nada), and Asia in Admissions, and then splitting visitors up for tours. Of course all visitors need to be either vaccinated or to have a PCR from the previous 48 hours.

Early Morning Running Club (February- March)

We are delighted to announce the beginning of the Clarion Family Running Club (CFRC). Ms. Maxi, a Clarion parent, has offered to help organize this with us- thank you Maxi! This is an opportunity for parents to run or even walk with their children and take part in family running events/competitions around Dubai (please note this is not playground time)…

Details of the Weekly Event

Date: Fridays

Start time: 7.00am- when you arrive enter through Gate 2 please!

Finish time and breakfast : 7.45am

Location: Clarion School- Field and then “Breakfast Club” (you can use the Café area or enjoy being outside!)

Students will need to wear their Clarion P.E Kit, running shoes, have a towel and bring their breakfast to have after training. Students should also bring their Clarion uniform or extra P.E kit to get dressed at the end of their training session.

We can order Clarion PE tops for parents who wish them, so let us know!

Parents can either join in and run/walk as well, or sit and enjoy the early morning weather over the next 8+ weeks while it is still nice!

A parent is expected to be present as the time of the club event each Friday is before school hours.

If you would like your child to participate in the Early Morning Running Club, please email Ms. Maxi at and cc Mr. Jim at (as Ms. Narsisa will be on maternity leave). We are excited to have a parent lead as organizer of this activity, and the Clarion team will support Ms. Maxi any way she needs!


Ms. Maxi, team leader; Ms. Narsisa, PE Lead at Clarion; Mr. Jim, Coffee Guy and Principal

Flags of the World for International Day:

Please review the list of countries for whom we have flags in storage- if your child’s country FLAG is NOT in this list, please email Mr. Jim or JR at

We will schedule International Day after meeting with the leaders of CPC early next week and model it on a hybrid of what we did last year (the “Avenue of Flags in the courtyard and front of school”) and classroom activities mixed with something similar to what was done on National Day.

Flag List:

America, Australia, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Czech Republic, Cyprus, China, Cuba, Chile, Croatia, Colombia, Cameron, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic of Congo, Egypt, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Iraq, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Ivory Coast, Japan, Jordan, Jamaica, Korea, Kuwait, Kenya, Lebanon, Lithuania, Libya, Latvia, Mexico, Morocco, Malta, Malaysia, Netherland, Nepal, Nigeria, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Palestine, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Republica Dominicana, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Turkey, Tibet, Thailand, Tunisia, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Vietnam.

Have a great weekend everyone- 2 months left of EXPO so make it count! We are as a school for sure!


Jim #EXPObound Pastore

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