Reading out loud to develop well-read children

To develop a rich vocabulary, the confidence to use it and an ease to find the right words to express oneself, children need to be exposed to words. Reading aloud to children at school and at home has been scientifically proven to stimulate and strengthens the part of the brain associated with visual imagery, story comprehension and word meaning.

Progressive Education: an Education for Life

With more choices about education than ever at the fingertips of parents, the responsibility of making the right one can be overwhelming. A curriculum that has been gaining significant traction recently is progressive education, which emphasizes educating the whole child — emotionally, physically, socially and intellectually in an experience-based, interdisciplinary and collaborative setting. This is done through the delivery of a rigorous system nurturing creative, independent and problem-solving talents – all increasingly critical to a successful adulthood today and for many decades to come.

Clarion School Bring A Progressive American Education To Dubai

Of all the wonderful schools and curriculums I have seen since my recent arrival in Dubai, I must say I am impressed. Parents have a plethora of choice as to both which school to attend and which curriculum to pick. Many parents will select a curriculum based on their home country but I have spoken to many expat parents who are looking for something better than the type of schools they attended back in their day at home. For this reason I am thrilled to be part of the team bringing Progressive American Education to Dubai.

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