Welcome to Clarion School, a place that believes in the power of curiosity that lives within each and every child. Our mission is to ignite and keep alive their endless quest for discovery. A child with a curious mind will forever be empowered for the possibilities of an undefined future.

At Clarion, we provide children with “deep” learning experiences that are rich, meaningful and engaging. We do this where children are challenged to think in a trans-disciplinary fashion. This not only allows us to develop their strong foundational literacies within different subjects but the competencies of collaboration and critical thinking as well as the character traits of grit and responsibility that are so critical in this rapidly changing world.

Our innovative curriculum encourages children to critically think for themselves and become active participants in their own learning. However, to make this a reality is not easy and that is why we are collaborating with one of the premier educational institutions in the US. It is also why we require all our class teachers to have a Master’s Degree in Education.

Our educators have the experience, training and passion to identify your child’s interests and learning styles and then develop inspirational and creative opportunities to develop their individual potential. It is also why we have large amount of time dedicated for teacher collaborative planning and why we are the only school in the region to have a Head of Professional Learning.

I am truly excited to be the Head of Clarion and part of this inspirational journey with you. The future is now and it is an exciting place to be.

Dr. Kandace Williams
Superintendent, Clarion School