Clarion Newsletter February 25, 2021

March 16, 2021

Good afternoon Parents and friends of Clarion School,

Our Special Dress Down/Up Day today:

I’d like to thank the teachers, students and other staff who helped with the amazing
decorations in the courtyard today for Chinese New Year.

YES, I know that it was not this week; but since it happened over our mid-term break, I
wanted to give Ms. Srei the opportunity to showcase the work of her students in all grades
with these colorful and well-crafted projects.

Thank you Ms. Srei for your organizational skills and artistic leadership!

I’d also like to thank all of the parents who took the time over the last several days to craft
different ways to express the varying Chinese Zodiac signs that represent your children’s
birthyears. I spent my morning smiling and taking photos as your children proudly showed
off their designs. I saw:







Snakes…and much much more! Your efforts are so appreciated. And inside the crafting
and artistic work you and your children did lies the real secret to Clarion and how we
educate your children.

Parent Coffee 10 AM next Tuesday the 2nd of March:

Thank you for understanding I was a bit busy this last week and “missed” the coffee
morning invite for you all.

On the 2nd we will meet again and with me will be Ms. Narsisa, one of our PE teachers and
the team leader of the specialist teachers at Clarion School. She will present to you what
our plans are for the Clarion School “Health Week” March 21st to 25th. That week will be a
great way to ‘prep’ you all for a healthier Spring Break the two weeks that follow Health

Parent Surveys:

We sent to you all emails about two things recently:

The NEASC parent survey about Clarion the week before our mid-term break. Please
do this for us by March 2nd so we can take the next steps in our accreditation for the
site visit by NEASC in October or November of 2021. Thank you!
The re-enrollment survey that went home yesterday. Please send it back to us by the
7th of March. We need to project staffing and ordering for next year and also plan for
growth with the influx of applications we are seeing – an amazing number of parents are
coming to check Clarion out!
Special Request:

As part of our National Curriculum and respect for culture programming at Clarion we are
looking for a ‘classic’ majilis tent to put in the sand garden areas middle of the circular ramp
at school. We would love to use this for most of the year, and we will outfit it with a carpet,
cushions, (and a whiteboard too!), etc. for use by class groups for reading, but even more
so by the Islamic Studies classes for class sessions and prayer. By having a tent we can
also move it around campus when we need it for other events or for other usages. Sourcing
them online is difficult right now, so I figured I would ask our parents and friends of Clarion.
The size would be at maximum about 3 meters by 4 meters, with the ‘classic’ red and black
striped tented top and walls. Thanks for any tips or advice you can give me and for pointing
me in the right direction!

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