The Clarion Approach
The Challenge of Delivering Quality Education

The need for a quality education has never been more critical than it is today. With a goal of building a knowledge-based economy in the UAE, there will be a need for greater participation by women in the workforce with more job opportunities open to women.

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Progressive American Education: From the Heart of New York City to the Heart of Dubai

The Bank Street College of Education model comes to Dubai at the Clarion School

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A Dubai Summer of Dreams

With the heat on and the holy month of Ramadan upon us, parents across Dubai will be conjuring up activities for their children to keep them cool, engaged and happy through Dubai’s heated season. This summer ignite your children’s curiosity with creative summer activities with a focus on play and reading.

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Dig Into Dubai’s Night Life

School’s out for summer and that means parents can push back bedtimes a little offering kids a whole new world of experiences. Gear up for nighttime adventure walks with torches, magnifying glasses, small shovels, plastic containers and binoculars. And if you have a telescope, it might be fun to dust it off and stargaze with your children.

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Beat the Summer Slide

We’re not talking about besting your time headfirst down one of the UAE’s waterslides. The summer slide is a little different and how to avoid it is a question that comes up a lot in conversations Clarion School Educators have with parents. We, at Clarion School, have found that some children return from summer break […]

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