The Clarion Approach

Summer Reading

In tandem with our summer activity goals is the summer reading list for project based learning.
Stay fun and engaged this summer.

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Are You a Progressive Parent?

It is critical, now more than ever in this exponentially changing world, that children develop a love for continual learning.

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How to Help Primary Students Become Innovators

Annie Barrows, EdTech Integration Specialist at Clarion School has written a wonderful article on the value of innovation for Primary students. Miss Barrows has won the GESS 2017 award for the Best Use of ICT/e-learning in the Classroom for her innovative technology program. She was also a finalist for the GESS innovation in Education Award for 2018.

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Field Trips

In progressive schools, learning is an organic, evolving process that encourages exploration and discovery.

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Experience Clarion

Learn how our Master Educators create Transformational Learning.

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