The Clarion Approach

Educational theories; Past and Present

Teachers who develop active learners and who understand which approaches work for each child can create a room full of students who are engaged in the learning process, even if that process looks a bit different for every individual.

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Summer Reading list for parents

We have selected some of the most inspiring and helpful parenting and education books from the past few years and put together this list, covering a range of ages and topics.

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Teaching Math at Clarion

At Clarion, our teachers ensure that the different subjects are taught in a way that elicits interest of the student.

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Taking Risks

In a progressive school, students learn to take risks and to be creative.

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How can working parents ease the back-to-school stress?

1. Plan Ahead Approach the back-to-school season one week at a time, and have a weekly calendar that everyone in the family can see. This will help ease anxiety and allow you to get into a rhythm. It also helps give family members a sense of what is...

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Experience Clarion

Learn how our Master Educators create Transformational Learning.

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