We offer school bus service to all Clarion students.

School Transport Services LLC (STS) are delighted to be the transport provider at Clarion School and are committed to delivering the highest quality school transport services, that offers you assurance that your children are being transported to and from school with a responsible and safe operator.

STS are a trusted and experienced provider of transport services across the GCC and have a wealth of experience in supporting schools service requirements. Delivering transport services requires a responsible approach to ensure that the service provided is Safe, Timely, Smart and that key performance indicators provide the structure for continuous improvement to ensure we are performance driven. Our focus at STS is in creating the right safety culture Through our values, we commit to:

  • Never compromise on the health and safety of our people, customers and the environments in which we operate;
  • Delivering on our promises through effective communication, teamwork and commitment;
  • Listen and create innovative solutions that add value for our people and customers;
  • Openness and transparency with our customers, our people and the sectors we serve.

By increasing ridership on School transport, we are able to reduce congestion on our roads and contribute towards a Greener environment. At STS, we are always looking at ways to improve our services and invest significant time into exploring new technology and innovations that would benefit our offering.

We’re all looking forward to providing transport services to new students at Clarion School and educating more children on road safety. If you’re interested in using the bus service or would like more information, please contact us at:


We are proud to announce the launch of our new app, ‘STS App’, a virtual assistant to make your school bus experience even more convenient.

The school bus ride is the foundation of the day, where we create the best start and finish to the school day for students and families. STS App is a secure school bus tracking app that keeps track of your child’s bus. You can see when the route starts, the direction the bus is travelling on a map and an estimated time of arrival to your child’s stop.

Whether you’re at work, at home or on the go, the STS App makes you part of your child’s school day, every day.

STS App is a simple application designed for convenience and peace of mind. Manage your subscription, track your child’s location and stay up to date with STS activities from one location.

STS App is available in Android for Android and IOS for iPhone.


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