Join us for the Empowered Partnerships with Cyntha Gonzalez

In this Open Diversity meet-up we’ll be exploring the key to successful loving relationships through five pillars:

* Maintaining your base

* Listening artfully

* Healing any victimization

* Cooperating willingly

* Nurturing your shared intimacy

Join us for an experiential exercise and open discussion of the presented material and on relationships in general. Bring a partner, a friend or a family member to explore the timeless quest of loving well.

This talk is free and open to the public. Please share this event with others.

Speaker bio:

Cyntha Gonzalez is a Human Relations Coach, Seminar Leader, Speaker and Writer with 30 years of international experience, the last 19 years in Dubai. Aside from her coaching practice with couples and individuals, she also has led for the last 15 years, workshops in conscious relationship and sacred intimacy. In addition, Cyntha is a Somatic Emotional Bodywork practitioner, a certified Holotropic Breathwork facilitator, a certified hypnotist, the founder of Creative Response Therapy™, an expressive art-based training, and leads weekend workshops and year-long courses. She lectures and blogs regularly on relationship, sacred sexuality, conscious eating and spirituality in politics. For Cyntha’s blogs, articles and podcasts on relationship and general events, please go to: For more on her Creative Response Therapy™, go to

Date: Wed 14th March, 2018
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Venue: Clarion School
Directions: Google Maps
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