Joyful Learning is the thrill of true learning – the curiosity, the passion, the collaboration, the effort, the fun, the pride and the sharing. It looks at both the learning process and the learned results achieved with joy.

We are delighted to invited you to our influencer workshop on Joyful Learning with Alan Cohen.

Alan Cohen is a Harvard University Graduate School of Education Professor and is a member of the Clarion Advisory Committee.

What: Joyful learning Workshop with Alan Cohen
When: Thursday, April 13 @ 8.15am
Where: Parent Cafe, Clarion School

Joyful learning occurs when a teacher ignites students passions based on their interest or the interest of the teacher. This is a process of engaging students in deep thinking and the co- creation of knowledge.

Through the joyful learning process a student is always improving knowledge of self and the world with passion, play, and purpose.

Date: Thu 13th April, 2017
Time: 8:15 AM - 10:00 AM
Venue: Clarion School
Directions: Google Maps
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