A Dubai Summer of Dreams

July 18, 2016


With Dubai as their playground – this summer lead your children on a journey of imagination. The journey can start with designing and building a space for summer activities at home. Encourage your children to use source natural materials, things you might find in the neighborhood, around the house or items bought from stores like lengths of cotton or silk material, plywood or cardboard.

With palm leaves, tree branches, sand and recycling old materials from around the house, children can apply the skills learned at school and acquire new ones as they work through the stages of building which include planning, designing, sourcing materials, negotiating and securing a location to build on. With the planning works complete the construction begins and children can work with friends to build their summer fort.

And within their summer fort – endless activities can take place. Story time is every child’s favorite time of the day. Reading and being read to play critical roles in the development of a child’s mind.

“Reading aloud to children establishes in them not only a life-long love of books but one of curiosity of the world around them. Their passion for reading will translate into a passion for discovery, innovation and excellence through active learning, helping them to become thoughtful and productive leaders of tomorrow,” said Kim Taylor, Academic Advisor at Clarion School.

Make the time through the summer months to read out loud to your children and their friends. Reading aloud to children at home is proven to stimulate and strengthen the part of their brain associated with visual imagery, story comprehension and word meaning. Reading improves vocabulary and spelling and develops a child’s imagination and social skills as you spend time with them and create conversations.

Even nonreaders or pre-readers can experience the wonder and myriad advantages of reading. Story time is together time and children learn from watching the reader’s facial expressions and hearing the intonations of the voice. Books trigger the imagination as well as questions that develop into wonderful conversations. Even quietly exploring picture books on their own can be an important part of children’s development – an early peek into independent learning.

Benefits of Reading

  • Development of phonemic awareness
  • Development of a rich vocabulary
  • Use of correct grammar
  • More articulate oral communication
  • Enhanced creativity
  • An understanding of people, cultures, and places beyond their

With the fort create endless possibilities for play – the fort can be a supermarket, a kitchen, a woodworking workshop, as well as a library. On supermarket day you’re your child on a field trip to the supermarket to pick up ingredients for a meal. Let them think about their meal and make their shopping list and work with their own budget to buy their ingredients. On kitchen day work with your children and their friends to prepare family meals. To cook and bake children can put their skills of mathematics and science to use as they measure and mix ingredients. They will explore fractions, solve world problems, weigh, measure, pour, stir, create science experiments and observe what happens for example when water or butter are heated, or when salt dissolves. The opportunities for creativity and fun through which children learn a great deal are endless, plus you have the advantage of sharing the joys of cooking and eating their creations.

A project during the summer months can keep children engaged, building on their skills and learning new ones in anticipation of a new year to begin at school.

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