Dig Into Dubai’s Night Life

Jul 18, 2016

School’s out for summer and that means parents can push back bedtimes a little offering kids a whole new world of experiences. Gear up for nighttime adventure walks with torches, magnifying glasses, small shovels, plastic containers and binoculars. And if you have a telescope, it might be fun to dust it off and stargaze with your children.

Map the Moon

This is a fun activity that can be differentiated for children spanning a wide age range from as young as 3 to 11 or more depending on their interests. Make a large calendar for the month using construction paper. Have your child decorate it. Every night go outside with your child and look for the moon. Have them draw the shape of the moon on the day of the calendar and record any observations including the time and how high up it was in the sky. Following your child’s own level of interest, talk with your child about the moon why it changes shape and it’s path across the sky. For younger children consider reading them stories that feature the moon, the man in the man, the stars anything that might spark their imagination or love for the night sky. You never know where this activity will take you both, but we, at Clarion School, do guarantee it’ll be such fun.

What’s that Noise?

Consider going for a walk at night with your child and listen out for strange new sounds, the hoot of an owl or screech of a fruit bat or perhaps the rustling of leaves from scurrying animals like mice, gerbils, and geckos. With a garden spade dig up some soil and explore the little creatures that hide in the cooler earth.

For those more adventurous, consider a trip to the desert at night with an organized tour group and guide that can point out a few of the special nocturnal fauna like the hare, the tahr, foxes, and all sorts of insects including fluorescent scorpions that glow when exposed to light.

There is lots to learn about the UAE’s nocturnal animals. Experts at Clarion School recommends taking your children to Arabia’s Wildlife Center in Sharjah or UAE’s Night Creatures Exhibit at Dubai Mall where they can observe these shy animals firsthand.

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