Clarion Newsletter, September 23, 2022

September 23, 2022

Dear Parents and Friends of Clarion,

It is hard to believe that October is just around the corner. As the weather becomes better we look forward to more outdoor activities in the weeks to come.

1. Clearing Benches:

As a part of Clarion's commitment to well-being, and its ongoing commitment to addressing global challenges of the future--mainly, to restore our children's connection to nature and cultural values--Clarion leadership is excited to introduce the concept of the Clearing Bench to the UAE and to the Clarion community. Please see the attached media release for more information on this wonderful initiative brought forward by our Clarion parents.

Read more on how to restore our connection to nature and cultural values: Clarion_7.10.22.pdf

2. Student Council:

Our school will have a student council consisting of students from Grades 3 – 7. The students have completed their nominations and speeches. The elections will occur today and Monday with the new student council being announced on Tuesday. We are excited about working with our student council as they will have a leadership role in planning and implementing a number of initiatives at our school this year.

3. Junior Duke Program:

Student registration form for the Junior Duke program were shared with parents of students from Grades 3 – 7 yesterday. The Junior Duke program provides children with the opportunity to participate in a variety of new experiences. It teaches them that it is good to ‘have a go’ and challenges them to learn new and varied skills from an early age. By enrolling in the award, children will learn that you may not always succeed first time and that is okay. This helps them to develop the resilience they will need throughout their lives. The information letter which includes the registration form can be found at this link: Registration - Duke Of Edinburgh's Junior Duke Award In addition, more information about this wonderful opportunity can be found at:

4. Model United Nations (MUN):

Model UN is offered to student in Grades 5- 7. This wonderful opportunity seeks to give a chance to students to join a group of globally minded peers to create a future team. We will work together to provide students the opportunity to step into the shoes of world leaders to discuss and solve critical problems. Model UN will engage students in research on topics based on issues faced by the various committees of the real United Nations. Likewise, they will practice debating those issues from the point of view of different countries, accounting for those countries’ specific interests, and working together to find solutions to these issue. Please encourage your child to participate in this activity by contact our teacher sponsor Ms. Estelle. We will also be approaching the students about this again.

5. Parents Clarion ID Card:

Just a friendly reminder to our parents to ensure they wear their parent ID cards when on campus.

Parents who have not yet received their parent ID’s, or returning parents who may have misplaced their old IDs, may kindly connect with Hemi at with their updated passport size pictures to have one issued at the earliest.

6. MAP testing:

MAP testing has completed this week. Information regarding MAP testing and individual student reports will be sent to parents by the end of September.

7. Pakistan Emergency Relief Drive:

At Clarion, we believe it is important to assist those in need. I am pleased to share that we have had a fabulous response to the Pakistan Emergency Relief Drive. This initiative will continue until October 7. Items can be dropped off at Gate 2 and 3 during the morning student drop-off times. We also have a drop-off area at the Atrium.

8. Curriculum Information Sessions – We are very pleased with the turnout and feedback from our Curriculum Information sessions which occurred this week. The videos of the presentations will be shared on Monday. Parents who wish additional information concerning our curriculum can contact our Curriculum Coordinator Ms. Aisha.

9. CPC Back -To-School Parent Social:

Our CPC has organized a parent social event for Friday, September 23 at 7:00 PM. The event will be at JB’s Gastropub - JBR. Please find attached flyer later in the newsletter.

10. World Peace Day:

Ongoing World Peace Day celebrations continue in our atrium. Parents are welcome to add to our Peace Poles and take Hemi’s assistance to create their own Peace Cranes.

11. World Inventors Day:

Will occur on September 29. Design work will be evident throughout the school for this occasions. On September 30, students are encouraged to dress up as an inventor or an invention that has benefitted the world using only recycled materials.

12. Student Absence and Lates:

Students who are absent due to illnesses are requested to inform their homeroom teacher, with an email CC to Hemi at and the school Nurse at

Students who arrive late to school will be required to obtain a late pass from our receptionist Hemi before entering class.

13. Extra Curricular Activities:

We are very happy with the student participation in our external (CCE’s) and internal (CCI’s) extra-curricular activities have started this week. We have had a wonderful response to our CCI’s and CCE’s this year with over 230 students registered for CCI’s and 60 students for CCE’s.CCI’s are offered on Monday and Wednesdays. CCE’s are offered Monday to Friday.

Feel free to connect with Hemi at if you require additional information or have questions concerning CCI’s or CCE’s.

14. COVID protocols:

New parents are requested to share their COVID vaccination copies with Nurse Kristine and may send it via email to, if not done so already.

Masks - The wearing of masks is mandated for students Grade 1 and above and all parents, staff and visitors when indoors. We are expecting a visit from KHDA concerning this so kindly ask for your assistance.

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday morning!



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