Clarion Newsletter, September 23, 2021

September 23, 2021

Dear Parents and Friends of Clarion,

Clarion Parent Committee:

Yesterday we had the first meeting of the Clarion Parent Committee (CPC) relaunch for this “close to post COVID” environment we are in, with school protocols freeing us up in many ways.

I want to thank Martin Chavez (our Grade 6 and 2 parent) for being with me to review the recent pre-COVID past of the CPC- he did this wonderfully- and to put into action the call for parent involvement as we relaunch.

Here is information shared in the presentation yesterday:

As a Clarion parent, you are automatically part of the Clarion Parent Community (CPC) and can participate as actively as you wish. This is your opportunity to connect with the school and help cultivate a unique and rich sense of community for your family and others at Clarion.

WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE for Clarion School

Our mission is to create the kind of school community where teachers and students can do their best work. We provide support for teachers in and out of the classroom. We help create learning opportunities for our children and try to build a fun, nurturing, and caring atmosphere.


We all have a common bond. We all care about creating the best possible educational experience for our children. Together, we can accomplish a lot. Along the way, parents manage to have fun and build friendships too.

HOMEROOM PARENT CPC representatives

These parents play a very important role and are integral in providing a community feel for Clarion families -

  • They work closely with parents, teachers and the CPC.
  • Work with their classroom teachers to coordinate and facilitate parent involvement with class activities (field trips, school events, CPC efforts etc.).
  • Act as a general resource to facilitate communication between class, teacher and parents via WhatsApp.
  • Attend monthly CPC meeting – 1st Monday of every month after drop off.

Nominations for CPC Leadership:

The CPC leadership plays a very important role in organizing and managing the CPC -

  • They work closely with the Principal and SLT.
  • They coordinate and facilitate parent involvement with class activities (field trips, school events, CPC efforts etc.).
  • They hold regular meetings to organize specific events.
  • They keep the budget and report on it regularly in a transparent way.
  • Leadership is responsible to communicate to parents and with the School for all aspects of CPC.
  • If you have the time to commit to helping the CPC as a leader, please email Heerral: and Martin
  • An email will come to you all and to all parents to join organizing groups to begin meetings next week for Halloween, National Day, Breast Cancer Awareness event, and more!

Dress up/down Day:

It is our first one!!! To prepare ourselves for “Breast Cancer Awareness” as October starts next weekend, we will do a “THINK PINK!” day on Thursday the 30th. Wear all your pink! Show your spirit and support and we will have a few events in October to show our support- the CPC will work on this with us.

Swimming starts next week:

Notes have gone out from homeroom teachers and thanks for your understanding as we dive back into the pools. (ok no diving, no running, but you get what I mean!).

Parent Survey:

The link is below in the latter part of the email. Thank you to the 45+ families who already have done this from the email sent yesterday!

The Final word:

Schools are filled with people who work with and for your children but who many times fly under the radar screen. I had the opportunity to recognize one of our key role-players at Clarion, Ms. Roralyn Delfin, in a special article put out by “Which School Advisor”. The article link is below:

In the article this is what we said about Roralyn:

Ms. Roralyn Delfin has the title of “Administrative Assistant” at Clarion School but she is so much more than that to us!

She is the smile that greets us every day.

She is the one who goes to every room to double check attendance each morning.

She delivers the ordered lunches to children each day.

She provides teachers with supplies, distributing to them their requests once the materials have arrived at school.

She is a bus monitor, caring for children on their route each day to and from school.

She assists our procurement head in putting together orders for staff.

She helps with uniforms.

But more than all of the above, she is a kind, gentle person, always with a smile on her face and the lilt of kindness in her words.

Schools run on many things, but what helps Clarion run is Roralyn and her kindness and care.

We will recognize all of our support staff in newsletters this year, and ensure that they all get the recognition they deserve for all that they do for all of us at Clarion School.

Thank you all for your support, understanding and trust as we strive to be our best for your children every day.


Jim #RoralynRocksClairon Pastore

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