Clarion Newsletter, November 11, 2022

November 11, 2022

Dear Parents and Friends of Clarion,

It has been another busy and joyful week at Clarion School.

1. Clarion is High Vibration - We are excited to share that 21 days have passed since our Clarion Clearing bench ceremony (where 7 NADI copper rods have been placed strategically throughout the school). And this means that the entire grounds of Clarion School are now covered in Nadi vibration! You can now charge your regular drinking water with NADI energy anywhere in Clarion School (even the parking lot!) for greater peace and happiness and FLOW in your life!

Please click the attached link to know about Nadi Results and Testimonials https://

Please see the instructions for charging Nadi water and the locations in the newsletter below.

2. Mindful Parenting Workshop – We would like to thank our parent, Pascale Daher for a very informative and insightful workshop. The workshop was very well attended and resulted in some excellent dialogue.

3. Tune in Tuesday – Please come and see our students share their musical talents on the Clarion street. The next event will be on Tuesday, November 22 at 7:40 a.m.

4. UAE National Anthem – Just a friendly reminder asking our parents and visitors to stand and pause while the UAE national anthem is played at the beginning of our school day while on the school grounds or in the parking area. We are working with our students to understand the importance of this so would greatly appreciate the support of our parents.

5. Dubai Fitness Challenge – We will be offering fitness activity each Monday and Wednesday morning between Monday November 7 and Wednesday, November 23. The activity will be on our school field starting at 7:30 a.m. It is open to all students and parents who wish to participate. Families can walk the field or participate in fun games and activities planned.

We are also creating a healthy eating Ebook. If you have any recipes that we could add we ask you to email them to Ms. Narsisa at:

6. Kindness Week – Next week will be designated as “Kindness Week” at Clarion School. Each day will have different themed activities focused on kindness. In addition, our Student Council is sponsoring student presentations for our interested parents from Wednesday to Friday focusing on kindness. Please see the attached links for more information:

A. Daily Themes Workshops.pdf

B. Student Presentations Kindness Week.pdf

7. Dress in Blue Day – Monday, November 14 is World Diabetes Day. Students and staff are encouraged to dress in blue on this day in support of those who have diabetes. Additional local events in support of Diabetes are in this newsletter.

8. School Uniform – We have noticed that a number of students are not wearing the school uniform to school. We ask our parents to ensure they send their child(ren) to school in the school uniform each day.

9. Student Attendance and Lates - It is evident that student attendance at school plays an important factor in student success. Our schools revised attendance policy has been emailed to our parents. Please note that all extended student leaves in excess of 3 days require the submission of a request form. The form is available from Poonam at our reception area or email:

Attendance Facts:

· A child who is 10 minutes late each day misses 32 hours of instruction in the year.

· A child who misses 1 day a week loses 2 months of instruction in the year.

· Half a day a week missed throughout the school life equates to 1 full year of lost education.

Students who are absent due to illnesses are requested to inform their homeroom teacher, with an email CC to Poonam at and the school Nurse at

Students who arrive late to school will be required to obtain a late pass from our receptionist Poonam before entering class.

10. Student Early Departures – We understand that on occasion students will need to leave early due to appointments. We ask that parents come to reception, we will then arrange for the student to be brought down. We ask that parents do not go directly to the class to pick up their children. This applies to all occasions where students are leaving prior to the end of the day.

11. Clarion Athletics – We are very pleased to inform you that our athletics program for this school year has started. We are competing as a member of DASSA which is in the UAE.

This weeks athletic events included:

· Monday, November 7 – Under 9 football team traveled to Royal Grammar School. All member showed fantastic determination and demonstrated great progress with their defending skills.

· Tuesday, November 8 – Under 12 football match at Dubai English Speaking College. We were very impressed with their positive attitude and sportsmanship. It was a great game throughout.

Next weeks athletic events include:

· Monday, November 14 – Under 8 football match at Horizon International School

· Tuesday, November 15 – Under 12 football match at Jumeirah College

· Tuesday, November 15 – DASSA Swim Gala at Deira International School

· Wednesday, November 16 – U10 football match at Clarion School versus Ambassador International Academy

12. Student Field Trips – Field trips are an important aspect of the educational program at Clarion school. Just a friendly reminder that field trips are not meant to be optional and that students are asked to participate unless they are home ill on the day of the trip.

Next week, the following field trips are scheduled:

· Monday, November 14 – Grades 6 and 7 will visit Al Manzer Beach for a beach cleanup activity.

· Monday, November 14 – PreKA will do a cultural home visit

· Tuesday, November 15 – All Grade 1 students will visit Children’s City.

· Tuesday, November 15 – Grade K1C and 3A will visit Expo City.

· Wednesday, November 16 – PreKB will do a cultural home visit.

· Thursday, November 17 – PreKA will do a cultural home visit.

· Thursday, November 17 – Grade 4 A and B will visit Solar Innovation Center.

· Friday, November 18 – All K2 classes will visit Al Quoz park.

13. CPC Fundraiser - Our CPC had an exciting schedule of events including, Breast Cancer Awareness, Halloween and are coming up with Sustainability Initiatives, a desert trip and much more.

Please continue to send in your voluntary donation of AED 300 per student for CPC activities this year. There has been good effort overall to gather funds that the CPC can use to support all of its events and activities for us as a community.

Contributions can be submitted as follows:

· Hand your contribution any CPC member or to your child’s homeroom parent.

· Submit your contribution to your child’s teacher by hand or email them if it is your child’s backpack for collection.

· Hand your contribution to Jafar, Finance manager, in the accounting office.

14. Parents Clarion ID Card: Just a friendly reminder to our parents to ensure they wear their parent ID cards when on campus. Our staff will be monitoring that parents are wearing their cards at the gates. Please understand that this is asked for safety reasons.

In closing, I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday morning!



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