Clarion Newsletter, May 19, 2023

May 19, 2023

Dear Parents and Friends of Clarion,

As the temperature increases, I would remind our parents to ensure you send your children with a hat and water bottles. It is very important that the students remain hydrated. We will be shifting to an indoor recess within the next week or so given the increase in temperature.

The school year has rushed by and as of Monday, May 22 we have 26 school days remaining in this academic year.

1. Clarion Canteen and Multi-purpose Hall –

Our new Multi-purpose Hall and canteen have been open since Wednesday, May 3 and have been very well received by our students and staff. These facilities have significantly enriched our program at Clarion School. To maintain the cleanliness and condition of the Multipurpose Hall, we kindly request that all students wear white sole runners or non-marking colored sole shoes. Shoes with colored soles that may cause scuff marks on the floor will not be allowed.

2. Clarion Coffee Morning with our Senior Leadership Team –

We would like to thank our parents who joined us for a Coffee Morning with our Senior Leader Team (SLT) last Wednesday. It was a delightful occasion that provided a casual setting for meaningful conversations and the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee together. We appreciate the valuable time spent connecting with our parents in this informal gathering.

3. Student Re-registration for 2023-24 School Year –

We would like to thank all families for completing the re-enrollment process and paying the seat deposit to secure their child’s place for the upcoming academic year. Please note that this deposit will be fully deducted from your child’s tuition fees in September 2023.

As we are initiating the class list allocation process shortly, we kindly request parents who have not yet re-enrolled their child to promptly secure their place by submitting the re-enrollment deposit.

For any queries regarding the payment process, please contact our Finance Manager, Mr. Jafar at

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to another successful year at Clarion School.

4. MAP Testing –

We will be conducting MAP testing for our students, which will take place over two weeks, starting from Monday, May 22. In the event that a student misses the initial testing session, a make-up session will be arranged. Additionally, if a student is unable to perform to their fullest potential during the first test, they will be given the opportunity to participate in a retest.

At Clarion, we value the importance of providing every student with the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and abilities, and we are committed to ensuring their success.

5. Student Attendance and Lates Reminders –

1. We have received several requests from parents seeking an early start to the Summer holiday. We kindly request that parents ensure their children attend school until the last scheduled day. It is important to note that students who are absent will miss valuable learning opportunities, and their absence can adversely affect our overall student attendance record.

According to the guidelines set by KHDA, student absences due to holiday travel are not considered excused absences. We strongly encourage all families to adhere to the prescribed school calendar.

Furthermore, please be aware that any extended student leaves exceeding 3 days require the submission of a request form. You can obtain the form from our Atrium area or by contacting us via email at

2. Please notify Poonam at if your child is absent due to illness or a medical appointment.

6. Clarion Recycling Center –

The Dubai Municipality has requested the relocation of our recycling center to a more accessible area near the 'Kiss and Drop' zone. We are currently collaborating with them to ensure that the center is moved to a suitable location.

We will keep our Clarion community informed about the new location of the recycling center as soon as it is confirmed.

7. Clarion Sports –

Congratulations to the Under 12 Boys Basketball team for their remarkable victory against King's Nad Al Sheba on Monday May 15, with a final score of 12-22. Their dedication and teamwork truly paid off, and we are incredibly proud of their achievement.

We also commend the Swim Squad consisting of students from Grade 2 to Grade 5 for their participation in the Dassa Hamdan Qualifier held on Thursday, May 18. Their commitment and efforts in the competition were truly admirable. Well done to all the participants!

Next Week –

Monday, May 22 - DASSA: Under 12-Under 13 Basketball Team is playing against JBS at Clarion in our new Basketball Court.

TRAININGS IN TERM 3 (with Ms. Narsisa and Mr. Antony)

Grade 2 - Grade 7 - Swim Squad: Mondays and Wednesdays 7:00 AM.

Grade 2 - Grade 4 - Boys Basketball Training: Tuesday 7:00 AM in the new Multi- purpose Hall.

Grade 2 - Grade 4 - Girls Basketball Training: Thursday 7:00 AM in the new Multi- purpose Hall.

Grade 4 - Grade 7 - Girls and Boys Badminton Training: Thursdays 3:00 PM in the new Multi-purpose Hall.



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