Clarion Newsletter, March 4, 2022

March 4, 2022

Dear Clarion parents and friends of Clarion School!

I could not be prouder of the CPC (Clarion Parent Committee) for their drive and initiative today in their organization and sponsorship of “International Day’ at school. The Street was alive with parents and friends who helped the waves of class section bubbles all morning to enjoy the many booths and displays of pride. I am so proud of the parents for their special outreach to our Ukrainian families at their booth; when the CPC asked me to say a few words, we had the drummers from Zimbabwe and India come together to call in everyone, and that was our opportunity to highlight our special friends from Ukraine and show them our support and love.

Take a look on our Insta account to see photos about the day!

March is Book Month: March is a month full of reading and Clarion is proud of the many things we will do this month to promote books and authors. The next 3+ weeks are “Mystery Readers Month” with special guest readers at school (all COVID checked and following protocols!) .

Arabic Week: As part of Book Month we will have “Arabic Week” at Clarion from March 7-11. Among other activities, we have author and Clarion parent Noor Higley coming in to do workshops for Grades 1,2 and 3- thank you Ms. Noor!

March Dress Up/Down Day: Book Character Day on March 25th: We will have “Book Character day” on March 25th, as a special “Dress Up” day. We invite parents to dress up as well, not just the students!!!

Ripe Market last weekend: We would love to thank all of you who took the opportunity to pass by our booth and display at the “Ripe Market” last weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there both days, and met so many of you who go there often and many who were there for the first time. So many of you also chipped in to help other parents find out about Clarion.

A big shout out to the staff, especially Roralyn and Jr for their help both days in setting up and breaking down the booth.

Almost all the teachers and AT’s came by for an hour or two to help out, and Asia from Admissions, Heeral, and Jacqui from marketing were also troopers and put in long hours helping show off the many wonders of Clarion.

Final Thoughts (from my Linkedin post today about International Day at Clarion School):

Today was about peace and harmony. The parents completely 100% organized our International Day in our "Street" at Clarion and we all had so many opportunities to learn. My shirt pocket (photo online) epitomizes our day: A Turkish paper flower for peace, a bookmark leaf with my first sound of my name in Sanskrit and Urdu, and my Clarion badge nestled up to a handmade Ukrainian button. The day was so invigorating and...all about Lebanon and how cultures cross there, about Korea and Japan and origami making, about Turkish coffee and sweets, about Aussie language and customs, about Latin countries and Brazilian happiness, about the magic of masks and Italian storytelling, about making flags in class to learn about far away places, about pride in ourselves and pride in what we learn about others and about peace and harmony with the India and Pakistan booth. A special shout out to our Ukraine families who showed us so much about their culture and nation. The Clarion Way: a family friendly festival full of fun and hope and togetherness.#ClarionRocks

Have a wonderful weekend everyone- and make sure to enjoy the weather and try to get to Expo- 27 days left!!!


Jim #ClarionRocks Pastore

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