Clarion Newsletter | June 3, 2021

June 3, 2021

Dear Clarion School Parents and Friends,

June has come in with a humid BANG - you can see when you drive in every morning that I am at various stages of sweating through my shirt when the humidity is high like it has been the last few days. I have switched over to ice coffee out front and that helps, but it’s the days with no breeze that are the worst.

I bring this up to remind you that when it is high heat and high humidity the teachers are very careful about recess and PE time outside. We try to stick 100% to shady areas, and remind children about this. but even so, it is an imperative that there be enough water to get your child through the day. Please continue to send in 2 water bottles and we thank you for this support.


This is a reminder to complete your reenrollment for the 2021-2022 school year. We are deep in our ordering of supplies and furniture and having good student enrollment numbers is crucial to this. Jafar in accounts has sent out invoices, and for any questions you can reach out to him personally at

I do want to take this time personally to thank Jafar for his efficacy and professionalism in working with you, the parents of our students. Jafar keeps me updated on how things are going in his office, and it is gratifying to hear from him how well his relationship has been growing with Clarion School parents throughout this school year. I appreciate the efforts Jafar has made to work with all of you!

Summer Camp at Clarion School:

In the newsletter, there are attached two brochures from our providers this summer. Prosports and Lens Sports will run multi-sports/activities camps during the summer break, July 4 to August 19. All health and safety protocols will be followed in compliance with KHDA and DHA during the camps, and Farnek, our regular cleaning company, will be conducting regular sanitization of the camp areas.

School Transport Survey:

This was sent out to parents already and we would appreciate your responses by Tuesday the 8th. We are trying to get an idea of how best to expand our transportation offerings to parents for the 2021-2022 school year and your information is crucial.

I want to thank Ms. Heerral and Ms. Rushna for the email and survey that went out. They did a fantastic job in the design and content of this survey. Thank you Heerral and Rushna!

Leaving early for Summer:

We do know that as a primary school without end of year exams, some families will be travelling before the last day of school on July 1st.

If you do so, please inform the homeroom teacher and the school administration. This helps us account for daily enrolment and keeps us abreast of how many children are on campus each day. Thank you so much for understanding.

MAP this past week combined with the final word:

We have had a fantastic first week of MAP at Clarion and will have week two next week. I would like to share with parents part of a note sent to staff earlier today regarding MAP:

Dear Teachers of 1 to 5 and Nada and Rushna,

I am so proud of the efforts everyone is making to make the MAP experience a more relaxing one this year.

The breaks and snacks and activities before, during and after are helping the students be in a better frame of mind with a better ability to work well with MAP.

This is the RIGHT way to do things and shows that our progressive mindset is best for children.

I want to highlight the efforts of Ms. Rushna to manage the actual assessments daily with ipads and a cart, as well as the SEN team for their help and all the TAs.

I also want to thank Nada for her leadership in making the changes (some of which I mentioned above) that have led to a more respectful environment.

Parents and students have commented that MAP is going well and is not stressful – and that is our goal!

Thank you all for your continued efforts!


Jim #MakingMAPworkWell Pastore

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