Clarion Newsletter, June 24, 2022

June 24, 2022

Happy Friday everyone!

We had an amazing week, now and hopefully forever to be known as “Showcase Week!” I am whistling and humming a certain song now, non-stop!!!

It all started out weeks ago, when our VP Suzanne and I were discussing end of year parent events and how to make things easier.

A big part of how I operate as a pragmatistic Principal is how to makes things simple, make things easier for people.

So along with Nada, the 3rd Amigo of our SLT triumvirate, we thought why not combine and do a "three-fer": have the end of year homeroom Culmination Project Presentation AND the Art Exhibition AND the Grade level music/dance performances as a single day event for each Grade level!

This made things easier for parents, and for teachers and students by having one showcase event rather than 3 in the last week or so of school.

There is still one class to go- Grade 3, will have their showcase on Monday, the 27th, at 8:30 AM in the PE hall- but I was so overjoyed to help host the Pre K up to Grade 6 showcases.

The combination of Culmination Projects+Music/Dance Shows+Art Exhibit was a triple-play way to show off our school and all the hard work of students and staff.

Special thank you to all the teachers for their work, and in particular to:

Ms. Srei for the most amazing Art display in the Clarion Atrium.

Ms. Iva for making sure that the songs and dances done on stage were student driven and designed!

And Ashik, our Facilities Manager, Alwyn our Handyman, Rasool our lifeguard, Naresh one of the FARNEC staff, and Neeraj the SIG Media Production Specialist, were there for every show to help us all out!

Grade 3 Show is Monday the 27th 8:30 AM:

Dear parents of Grade 3,

We appreciate your patience with the process of organizing the “They may be on stage last but we saved the best” show for your children on Monday, June 27th 2022.

We have moved the time to 8:30 AM in the morning NOT 9:30 AM; this was done to make your drop off and then head off to work day a bit easier.

The show will be 3 parts:

8:30 AM- in the PE hall to watch your children on stage

8:45 AM- to the atrium for the Art Exhibition

9:00 AM- up to the rooms for the 3A and 3B Culmination Projects.

Your two sections are the last ones. And we know that postponing gave us the best opportunity to have most of the children in school due to the outbreak of COVID the last two weeks in Grade 3.

We hope you can be with us for The LAST Clarion show of 2022!

Full payment of fees needed for 2021-2022 in order to receive Report Cards:

We will issue reports next week- please ensure that your child's fees are paid up for 2021-2022 in order to receive the end of year official report card. According to KHDA regulations, schools are to not issue reports unless families are fully paid up for the year (including things like lost books, etc. So check for library books at home!). If you have ANY doubts about your child's fee being paid in full for this current about to end school year, reach out to Jafar in the accounting office at his email:

Jafar S. Mohammed

Thank you!

Introducing the new Admissions Manager at Clarion - Juliana Kay:

Juliana obtained her Bachelor's degree from Michigan State University where she studied Advertising with a concentration in Management. She has a combined background in Marketing and with over eight years of experience in the Education field, where she has worked as a Teacher and Academic Counselor in Kuwait. Apart from English, she speaks Arabic and Spanish. Her hobbies include playing padel tennis, painting, and traveling with her friends or family. She will work closely with Ms. Heerral in all matters and can be reached on

Open Morning:

Held on Wednesday, June 22, was a great success with many parents enrolling for the coming academic year 2022-2023.

Information regarding the Yearbook:

We are so pleased to have sent the yearbook for the 2021-2022 school year to print today. We will have it mid-week next week and distribution will go to all students at school. We have a copy for every single child and will hold your child’s yearbook if you can’t come get it next week.

A special thank you to Alvin, a part of the SIG Marketing team. He and Nada from the SLT made sure to get the yearbook done and they worked incredibly hard to ensure that for a 2nd year running, your children will have a wonderful memory filled book from their 2021-2022 year!

Early release dates in the coming week:

Please remember dismissal is 12:00 noon on-

Wednesday, June 29 – Faculty Lunch

Thursday, June 30 – Grade 5 moving up ceremony

Friday, July 1 - the regular noon dismissal!

Final word:

I have a few great Clarion School posts on Linkedin this week about :

“Even the Principal receives a report card!!!” about an hour or 2 ago on Friday the 24th


“Clarion School "Dancing Queen"....heart in my hand!” from Thursday the 23rd


“What a way to start my day! Lego Love!” on Wednesday the 22nd

I try to tell the Clarion Story in my own little way on Linkedin and I hope you get a chance to look up the stories!

I also have to thank the ladies of the “ABBA Dance Troupe” for their spirit and practice and for inviting me and Suzanne to participate during show week:













What an amazing group of women, educators, earthlings! The future is bright as long as dedicated, fun, professionals like these are giving their all to your children!

Enjoy your weekend everyone! MASK UP so you don’t miss flights next weekend!!!!!


Jim #DancingQueen Pastore

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