Clarion Newsletter, January 28, 2022

January 28, 2022

Good afternoon Clarion School parents!

Today was our first “Dress up/Dress Down” day of the 2022 calendar year. As a school we try to stick to running a dress up/down day, most of the time associated with something to do with the curriculum. But today was “Pyjama Day” for simply a fun, let off some steam type of day!

I had the pleasure of walking the halls (Da da da…Principal Shark!) and popping into every room during the first and second lessons of the day. Students were in Math and Language Arts, Arabic and French, Science and TI.

In 20 classrooms I witnessed regular school taking place, with students and teachers in teaching and learning. The only difference today was fuzzy slippers, pyjama onesies, hoodies and sweatpants, and other permutations of sleep wear! The students were having fun, engaged in learning, and working hand in hand with their teachers.

MAP Assessments Ongoing:

We will continue to roll forward next week with MAP asessments to help our teachers and schools to track individual academic progress. This process has been running very well and I want to thank Ms. Nada, our head of assessment and Ms. Rushna, our head of IT, for their management with the teachers of this process. I popped into several classrooms as MAP was taking place this past week, and saw very relaxed students, working at their own pace, challenging themselves to do their best. This speaks to the professionalism of the staff who work with your children.

Book Collection for Children in Africa: Please read this note below:

Dear Parents and Clarion Community,

Our Family have recently set up a small NGO in Northern Tanzania called the Bouncing Books Foundation, that will provide a Library Bus service to 10 of the lowest performing primary schools in the area with approximately 4000 children. The goal is to provide the below items to improve access to education materials, develop English language skills and a love for reading and learning. Our long term goal is to significantly improve the educational standards in these initial 10 schools and beyond. To get us started, we will be shipping over our first Library Bus with books in May/June to Tanzania and to do that we would love to have your support.

If you have any of the below items that you wish to give to the Library Bus, please drop them into the Bouncing Books Foundation box at reception. We hope to collect over 20,000 books, with our current count being just over 1000.

  1. English reading books from pre-school to early secondary school
  2. English fiction and non-fiction books for children
  3. Educational items to support learning the English language e.g. flash cards, games, puzzles
  4. Educational items to support math’s e.g. flash cards, puzzles, Math’s games
  5. Tanzania curriculum books

We hope to have our website set up by March for you to explore our offering and ambitions in a bit more detail.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Many thanks

Rachel, Luke, Albie and Grace Ellyard

Bouncing Books Foundation is a UK Registered Charity and Tanzania Registered NGO.

Clarion will have a box in the reception for donations and Rachel has graciously agreed to do a “Clarion Commons” for parents in February to help us with this effort!

Parent Survey:

Parents have received a separate email on this yesterday and we thank you for your time in doing this!

Reminder of school dismissal Fridays:

Please come for the noon pick up for your child. Thank you for understanding!!!


Jim Pastore

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