Clarion Newsletter, February 24, 2023

February 24, 2023

Dear Parents and Friends of Clarion,

Clarion continues to be a very busy and vibrant school with many wonderful
opportunities for our students and families.

1. Classroom Hallways –

We have a number of parents entering the classroom hallways after the instructional
day has started. In some cases they are attempting to pull teachers from classrooms
while they are instructing their students. We ask our parents to not enter the classroom
hallways between the hours of 8:05 AM and 2:55 PM. This way, we can ensure that our
students learning is not disrupted.

Students who arrive after 8:00 AM are reminded that they are to go to Atrium and
obtain a late slip prior to going to the classroom. Should a parent wish to accompany a
younger student to class we ask that they drop the students at the classroom and leave
without disrupting the classroom instruction.

Parents who wish to pick up their children early are reminded to go to Atrium and
request that their child is brought to Atrium to meet them. We ask that parents do not
do directly to the classroom.

2. MAP Results –

Map results have been shared with our parents. We are pleased with our students
results and have noted student progress when compared to the Fall MAP assessment
results. We would like to thank our students, parents and teachers for their efforts with
these assessments. It is evident that our students have taken the exams more seriously
thanks to the encouragement of their parents and teachers. The next series of MAP
assessments will occur in late May where we are confident we will continue to see
student progress. Our teachers will continue to focus on preparing our students for
these assessments as part of their instructional program.

3. Parent ID Cards –

The safety of our students is of utmost importance to us. I must insist that parents
wear their ID cards when entering the school grounds. Please appreciate that this is for
the safety of all our children.

4. Student Progress Reports and Teacher Interviews –

Student progress reports will be shared on March 17. We had initially schedule teacher
interviews for April 12 however this will be during Ramadan which has a condensed
workday. As such, we will be moving teacher interviews to March 21. More information
and signup details will be shared closer to the date.

5. Student Attendance and Lates –

I would like to thank our parents for their efforts and commitment to improve our
student attendance and tardiness. If your child is ill, I would ask that you contact Miss.
Poonam by telephone or by email on We understand and
appreciate that our students will be occasionally ill and such absences will not
negatively affect our attendance statistics. Miss. Poonam is the individual that can
enter absences due to illness as an excused absence.

Attendance Facts:

· A child who is 10 minutes late each day misses 32 hours of instruction in the year.

· A child who misses 1 day a week loses 2 months of instruction in the year.

· Half a day a week missed throughout the school life equates to 1 full year of lost

Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 12.09.45 PM.png

Student absence for the reason of holiday travel is not considered an excused
absence as per KHDA guidelines.

Please note that all extended student leaves in excess of 3 days require the submission
of a request form. The form is available from our Atrium area or email:

6. World Book Day –

Clarion will celebrate World Book Day on Thursday, March 2. Students can come to
school dressed up in their favorite book character. Next week will also be a "Mystery
Readers Week" at Clarion. Please let your child’s homeroom teacher if you are
interested in being our mystery reader and reading us a story any day next week.

7. International Day –

We are very excited that we can celebrate a post COVID International Day this year.
The event will be on March 6 from 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM and promises to be fabulous. At
Clarion we work to ensure our students are in an environment that is free of racial
tension. The CPC will connect parents who sign up for the same country table. Please
click the link below to register your interest to assist.


8. Play Date in the Park Carnival –

Our school will be hosting this event on Saturday, March 11 from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.
This will be a wonderful festive event for our Clarion families and their friends. The
following activities will be featured:

· Our staff will have a number of activities for our students including face painting,
Science experiments, Art activities, in addition to live performances by our students on
an outdoor stage.

· Atletas which provides many of our external CCE’s will be offering football, mini tennis
and table tennis activities as complimentary taster sessions.

· Ripe Market – We will be designating an area for a Ripe market where our parents
who have their own businesses or who make products they sell to set up tables to
share such with our community on this date. This is at no cost to our parents who wish
to participate in this.

· Parking Lot Boot Sale – Our parents can register to participate in the boot sale in our
parking lot where they can sell items that they no longer require. This is at no cost to
our parents who wish to participate in this.

This event is open to our Clarion families and their friends from outside our school

Registration to participate in the Ripe Market:

Registration to participate in the Boot Sale:

9. Student Council –

The Stuco clothing drive will be extended until March 11 where they will have a table
set up at the Play Date in The Park Carnival which will occur on this date. What is
sellable will be directly donated to Thrift for Good which donates 100% of its profits.
Clothing in any other state will be repurposed into items such as dog toys or stuffing for
couches. Please look through your homes to find any clothing no longer in use in any
condition and bring it to school! Clothing items can be dropped off in our reception

In March, the Stuco members will run assemblies for all grades to give students an
overview of the Clarion Community Garden. I would like to thank our Clarion parents,
Ms. Geovanna, Ms. Nina and Ms. Nada for their wonderful support with this group.
They are planning assemblies that present the information in an engaging and
meaningful way for different age groups.

10. Sibling Enrollment at Clarion –

If you have a younger sibling in your family who you are planning to enroll in September
2023, please reach out to Emily from our admissions team at

11. Student Individual and Class Photos Retakes –

We will be providing students who were absent during our photo day with an
opportunity for photos during the week of March 13. More information will be shared
closer to this time.

12. Clarion Sports –

U13 Athletics Dubai School Games

Congratulations to our Under 13 Athletics team who took part at the Dubai School
Games Athletics Championships - Jacxson (Grade 6), Majid (Grade 7), Aryan (Grade 7),
Yusef (Grade 7) and Rocco (Grade 6).

Well done to Jacxson who won the 2nd place at 100m and 3rd place at Long Jump
receiving a Silver and Bronze medal.

U10 Football v Ambassador Int Academy

Well done to the Under10 football team for their outstanding progress with their
attacking and defending skills.

Next week activities include –

· February 27 - Under 9 Girls Football – DASSA Tournament at Kings Nad Al Sheba.

· February 28 - DASSA Secondary Golf Qualifier at Monty.

13. Student Field Trips –

Field trips are an important aspect of the educational program at Clarion school. Just a
friendly reminder that field trips are not meant to be optional and that students are
asked to participate unless they are home ill on the day of the trip.

Next week, we have the following Field Trip -

February 27 - Nadi Al Mardi - Grade 1 A, B and C.

February 28 - Dubai Festival Festival - Grade K2 A, B, C & D.

March 1- Sharjah Archaeology Museum - Grade 4 A & B.

In closing, I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing everyone
on Monday, February 27, 2023!



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