Clarion Newsletter, February 11, 2022

February 11, 2022

Happy Friday Clarion School parents!

The middle of February is upon us on Monday so I hope you take this weekend to enjoy the
outdoors! (surf watch- big surf Sunday, onshore winds coming!).

Survey says:

A ‘survey’ was sent out to you all to help our 3rd through 6th Graders collect data for some
projects they are doing in 3rd grade Tech Integration as well as in Grades 4, 5, 6 Passion
Hour: Lego Robotics. Thank you Ms. Elham for your leadership in Tech class and with our

CPC Buddy Program for Clarion School:

The CPC has started an initiative to “buddy up” new parents with existing Clarion parents.
Please click the link to access the form:

Thank you CPC!

Book Bus for Kenya:

We have several boxes in the school reception/atrium for collecting books for the project in
Kenya. Please help out and look at the notes in last weeks newsletter. Thank you!

Ripe Market Clarion Event:

On February 26-27 Clarion School will ‘take over’ the “RIPE MARKET” from 9 AM to 7 PM
at the Dubai Police Academy – right across the E11 from the Dubai Mall. We will sponsor
the event as a school and have a stand there to show off to others the wonders that you and
your children experience 5 days a week at Clarion.

More information will be coming to you over the next two weeks so mark the weekend off to
head over there for an afternoon of outdoor shopping and fun with your family and friends!

Final thoughts:

We restarted the CCI’s this week and I was so happy to do a few activities with your
children. The Lego Club had a fantastic time on Monday and I do have a few more places
for students. Originally we took only Grades 3-6, but if your child in Grade 2 wants to join,
please send me and Ms. Shazia an email: and Shazia at

The Wednesday “Builder’s Club” spent it’s time on Wednesday after school building a “road
across the lava pool” in the courtyard! It was great fun and I managed to hide in the fun
team building work and critical thinking; as they finished the one-way road across the green
area of the courtyard I asked “so….how can we go BACK the other way?” Several of the
children immediately answered “we can build another road!” (but one without speed
cameras. lol). We also practiced putting away our ‘tools’ – the blue blocks’ when we were
done and all the children participated.

I bring this up for two reasons -

Firstly, that I love to interact with the students and running the two clubs enabled me to do
so while also modeling for staff that YES, the SLT leadership of the school also can and will
run activities.

Secondly, being able to direct my two CCI’s at some variation of building – legos Monday,
blue blocks Wednesday- enables me to work on opportunities for team building, sharing,
critical thinking and pragmatic hands on exercise. Most of my career as an educator I have
coached sports; this time I am mentoring ways to build!

So get out there and build something with your children outside this weekend!


Jim #RomeBuiltInaLegoDay Pastore

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