Clarion Newsletter, March 11, 2021

March 16, 2021


Dear Parents and friends of Clarion School,

The weather is holding up and enabling us to continue to access the outside areas of the
school for use as extensions to our classrooms. We hope to keep this up until at least the
Spring Break which starts at 2:10 pm on Thursday, March 25. It is great to walk the school
during the day and see teachers and students enjoying our very purposefully 'purpose built’
campus the way it was intended for use!

Speaking of the 25th of March, that will be the end of “Health Week” at Clarion! There are a
variety of activities your children will be involved in at school. One way YOU can participate
from home is to send in those healthy recipes for the ‘Clarion Cookbook' to Ms. Narsisa in
the PE department at her email:

You can also begin to prepare for the ‘dress up as a fruit, vegetable or healthy food! This is
on March 25th!

Speaking of ‘dress up/down’ days, we have an additional one this month - next Thursday,
March 18th, “Book Character Day”. We hope your creativity is inspired.

Reading Month:

We have a variety of activities going on for reading month at Clarion, and one way you can
join in at home is to spend 10 to 15 minutes each day reading alongside your child(ren).

Thank you to all of you who have sent in 'book exchange’ books for quarantine! Several
shelves of books are patiently waiting for the exchange days to arrive! Keep sending them in
to school for your child to get their exchange coupons!

The last word:

Parents set the example…with reading.

Part of reading month runs into the Spring Break. How we would love for you as parents to
approach reading as fun over the break … send in photos of you and your children reading
at home or wherever you are over the break. Where is YOUR favorite place to read at home
- a couch, the yard; the floor or a beanbag chair; at the beach or at a park; anywhere at all.
Send us a shot of YOU reading too! Send your photos to your homeroom teacher or to
Heerral Asnani.

We adults are watched by children, we set an example when we say ‘thank you’ or hold the
door open. Children see and learn from us. They do so when we read too. My mother read
every night on the couch with the TV on and we three boys worked our way through books
with her. My father would fall asleep with his book tented on his chest, while we giggled and
kept reading. We shared the newspaper together and as we got older, passed sections
around the table or in the living room on weekend mornings. My point is that my brothers
and I became readers because our parents read books, newspapers and magazines. Let’s
do that for our children at Clarion too!

Thank you for putting up with me, and thank you all for your morning smiles and waves
every weekday!


Jim #ClarionReadsAlot! Pastore

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