Clarion Newsletter, August 26, 2021

August 26, 2021

Dear Parents and Friends of Clarion,

We are so proud to be re-opening for school year 2021-2022 on Sunday August 29.

At 7:30 AM gate 3 will swing open and you may begin to come in. We will go on another fantastic year at Clarion School.

Below are a few notes from me. New parents- this is our ‘typical’ weekly newsletter and after my note comes a variety of information points from school about things you need.

Vaccinations and evidence of Vaccination:

Vaccination cards and the Al Hosn App are both vaild. From Sunday the 29th you will need to show proof of your vaccination status if you are entering the Admin building for fees, uniforms, etc. – KHDA protocols are firm about this and parents must have this.

Please send your children to school with Water and Hats and Sunscreen applied already:

Water bottles like last year please! Send two bottles in this hot weather and thank you for understanding.

Hats and sunscreen also - put on sunscreen in the AM and it will be on all day.

We do use shady areas for break - courtyard, street and playground with the shade covers, but we also recommend that you send in hydration fluids (fancy term for H2O), and hats and put on sunscreen.

Direct quote from KHDA regarding “Travel and Health Declaration Form”:

“In line with new protocols for face-to-face learning, please note that it is no longer obligatory for schools to request parents to submit a “Travel & Health Declaration Form”, as this embedded within the wider Dubai protocols. This needs to be communicated to all parents, students and teachers.”

I lifted that directly from an email to me from KHDA on Thursday the 26th. Consider it communicated here and thank you for understanding!

To Enter School:

  1. Please use Gate 3 the double metal green gates in front of the parking lot In the morning from 7:30 until 8:10 (Week 1 it will be 8:10 am; after week one Gate 3 will close at 8:00 am).
  2. Proceed through the courtyard to the gym for a temperature check -
    1. KG parents - should go back out and go to their classroom outside doors to drop your children with the teachers.
    2. Grades 1 to 6 - go through the gym after your temperature check and into the “Street” and turn LEFT to go to the stairs to go up and drop off your children at the entry doors to the sunset and sunrise wing 1st floor entryways.
      1. Use the stairs in the street. to go UP to grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 using the stairway; come DOWN using the ramp (same as last year!).
  3. Remember that masks are mandatory for over 6 years (adults too!).
  4. Please note that no parents may enter classrooms nor may they enter class hallways - this is a firm directive from KHDA.
  5. There is a 10 minute time limit inside school; you can hang out by the gate 3 and outside but not in groups - we could always have KHDA come visit!

Drivers who drop off inside Gate 1, the “Bus Gate”:

You may use the “Kiss N Drop” area to stop, park for a minute or three, and unload your children. Kiss n Drop is for ….dropping not for stopping parking and walking children inside. Please abide by this!

The Parking Lot in Front:

Parking is a careful, safe and slow process. WE WILL NOT rush you day 1 2 3 to hurry in and out from parking. But do not rush in racing to park or driving too fast for school. We all need to settle in the first week so relax. Thanks!

IN case you missed it…there is a 10 minute maximum time on campus at drop off and pick up. This is a KHDA mandate thanks for understanding. Many campuses won’t even let you in past gate 3 like we do- thanks for understanding.

CCI’s and CCE’s as ECAs:

ECA’s = Extra Curricular Activities

CCI = Co-Curricular Internal; this means it is run by our teachers as part of the 2x a week program after school from 3:15 to 4:00 pm. This information will go home in a few days with the registration link.

CCE = Co-Curricular External; these activities are run by outside KHDA approved vendors all week and is mostly focused on swimming and sports.

When we begin the teacher led CCI’s and CCE’s on the 12th of September, there will not be late bus service. Clarion School bus service runs to come to school in the morning and to go home from school after regular class dismissal.

Birthday Treats:

Due to Covid protocols we cannot let you bring in food that is shared between students. However, you can order through our food service provider individual cupcakes if you wish for your child’s birthday. Please email JR ( ) and your child’s homeroom teacher directly and give at least a week’s notice. Thanks!

Other Notes on KHDA news:

With the publishing of the back to school COVID Protocols from KHDA last week, we now know that there will be permission to do:

  • Field trips - we are already researching what is open and how to get reservations; every place has its own COVID protocols
  • Use Pools for PE - we will update you in 2 weeks as we just found out 2 days ago.
  • Have events at school - once the heat breaks it will happen!
  • Open the café in the atrium building – we have found a few potential providers to do this, and they are working on plans to open in a few weeks, more news later.

Final Word: I am so proud of everyone who works at Clarion for their hard work and dedication. We are at a historic high of student registrations- 290+ - and will go over 300 shortly. This is a testament to the team we have here at Clarion. I particularly want to thank the back office staff who cleaned, unpacked, distributed, organized and enabled the educators to focus on their prep work over the last two weeks.2021-2022 will be a special year for so many, and following up on such a successful 2020-2021 will make this year even better! So much greatness in one place- I just shivered in excitement thinking about it! See you all out front on Sunday. And thank you all for your support and understanding as we strive to always do our best for your children.


Jim #BiggestKidInDubai Pastore

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