The Challenge of Delivering Quality Education

July 19, 2016


Achieving this goal starts with a high-quality education for girls. The parameters of what constitutes a good education are shifting. Today, pure academic knowledge is no longer sufficient. Critical thinking skills and experience-based learning are imperative for establishing the building blocks for successful careers for women.

Helping girls acquire the tools, knowledge and above all the confidence to push through glass ceilings, which block them from pursuing leadership roles is more important than ever. Our responsibility as educators is to ensure that girls receive an education that enables them to take their place in society at levels equal to their male peers.

This September I am proud to open a new progressive education school in Dubai, the Clarion School. This progressive education model is focused on educating students to be prepared for the future by acquiring those critical thinking skills and a deep base of knowledge. Ultimately, we gauge our success not by what we are teaching our children, but by what our children are learning.

Comments from Aparna Verma, CEO Clarion School

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