Clarion Newsletter, April 15, 2021

Clarion Newsletter, April 15, 2021

Dear Parents and Friends,

Thank you all for your support as we began Ramadan this week. For many of our students it
is their first Ramadan in school, as last year we were all in lock down.

I am very proud of the staff and teachers for how they have come together to service the
needs of our students given the shortened schedule of lessons, combined with the
necessities of supporting the Muslim students and staff who are fasting.

I would like to thank Mr. Mahmoud for leading a PD session about Ramadan for the entire
staff earlier in the week, and he and Ms. Shaimaa have been helping the fasting students in
Grades 2, 3, 4 and 5 with their prayers each day at 12:30 pm.

I would also like to thank Ms. Rushna, our IT Manager, for her work on the schedule for
lessons and recess breaks.

We had to make a few adjustments over the first three days of Ramadan this week, and I am
proud of the teachers for correcting things that I didn’t ‘catch’ when preparing for this week!

Our first week of Ramadan was three days long, and we reflected on the characteristic of
“Respect” for others and ourselves. We will continue focusing on caring for our community
as we flow into the 2nd 7 days of the holy month of Ramadan.

Re-enrollment and payments:

As mentioned below in the newsletter, please ensure that you complete re-enrollment
information as well as be on the look out for payment emails from us as well.

Data on how many students in each Grade level is vital when staffing for next year!

Enrollment of new students:

If you have a brother or sister of a current student looking to enroll in Clarion School for the
2021-2022 school year, please ensure to do so. Many of you have so far, but the numbers
of Pre-K, K1 and K2 and Primary classes are growing and we don’t want you to miss out!

Thoughts for what to do with the early afternoons during Ramadan:

TimeOut Dubai magazine publishes lots of articles about ‘things to do’ in Dubai. My advice
is to go to it to see what is available. This weekend and early next week the weather seems
to be slacking off a wee bit- not scorching hot as we can expect in a few weeks…. in fact
the projections are for a nice 4 or 5 days then “BAM” 100 degrees (38 C) next Wednesday.
Take some time to get outside with the kids and enjoy what Dubai has to offer this weekend
and the start of next week.

Have a great weekend and see you all on Sunday!


Jim #fastingprincipal Pastore

Clarion Newsletter, March 25, 2021

Clarion Newsletter, March 25, 2021

Dear Parents and Friends,

Today was a fruits and veggie day all over campus and I am so proud of the creativity of the
teachers, students and parents. The PE staff of Narsisa and Marko (aka. Ms. Avocado and
Mr. Carrot today!) set up a fabulous obstacle course and challenged children all week in
sports activities. They also included 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade students who are “Sports
Captains’ to help mentor and guide all the other students in the physical challenges. This
effort enabled us to creatively deal with not being allowed to have a traditional whole school
sports day (due to DHA protocols); instead, it was a WEEK of activity.

We also had several visits from nutrition specialists and doctors to speak about health to
students and to parents on zoom. There is a link further down in the newsletter of the
parent’s coffee chat from Tuesday where Ms. Aneta Naciemento gave parents loads of
information about nutrition for kids. Our school nurse and doctor also are featured in this

Clarion went ‘all in’ to ensure that this week was special and I thank everyone involved in
this effort.

Grade 1 Economics Study and Donation boxes: A note from the teachers Ms. Donna,
Ms. Louise and Ms. Helena:

Hi everyone,

Grade 1 students have been learning about economics and the ethics of trade. The
objective of the lesson was to know that in the world of economics we have to trade things.
We do not get things for free. We need money to buy things or we trade goods. The Grade
1’s decided on what a fair trade would be and created an art piece to trade with their
parents. They then thought about places in need in Dubai and found two different animal
shelters (Friends of animals and Animals and us in Fujairah) that are in need of help.

They decided to extend the project beyond the Grade 1 classrooms to the whole school.
They would like to invite the whole school to donate. The Grade 1 classes have created
posters which are placed around the school. They have also made videos and scratch jr
animations to advertise the need for the donations.

If you would like to give a dry dog/cat food, donation bins will be available in the street, gym
and courtyard. We would like to tie this in with the spirit of giving during Ramadan. We
would be very grateful for donations after the spring break.

Donations will be distributed two weeks after April 22, please have any donations in before
this date.

All I want to add that you can drop off donations over the break at the front gate and when
we return on the 11th as well! Thank you Grade 1 team!

Grade 5 special projects and how this relates to next year in Grade 6:

Yesterday, I and the administration team had the chance to visit Grade 5 and to learn about
their ”Energy and Matter Flow through Ecosystem” Science projects. Through student
agency, each student was enabled by Ms. Joy, their teacher, to design a presentation that
could include models, posters, wall charts, video, power point, QR codes…you name it one
of them did it!

I watched them work on this from afar over the last several weeks as they made videos and
practiced their crafting, and their presentations are outstanding. Everything they did was
produced by them – all student designed and made. I spoke with the Grade 5 today and
promised them that we will do even more of this next year in Grade 6, and not only in
Science but also in Social Studies, which we do through their Units of Inquiry at Clarion.
Our theme for Grade 6 will involve various units wrapped around “Human Migration”, a very
apt area of study for a country like the UAE which is 90%+ migrants in one way or another.

After School Activities will start the first day of Ramadan; more information is later in
the newsletter.

Technology Integration:

A note from Ms. Elham, our Technology Integration teacher:

Our students in Grade 3 have been studying and researching the UAE Natural Features and
they created amazing videos to promote these wonderful places. We encourage you to pass
by the student’s poster on the black board next to K2E (gate 3), scan and watch their
wonderful videos. Spring break is approaching and their work will give you ideas to plan
your break.

Clarion Newsletter, March 11, 2021

Clarion Newsletter, March 11, 2021

Dear Parents and friends of Clarion School,

The weather is holding up and enabling us to continue to access the outside areas of the
school for use as extensions to our classrooms. We hope to keep this up until at least the
Spring Break which starts at 2:10 pm on Thursday, March 25. It is great to walk the school
during the day and see teachers and students enjoying our very purposefully ‘purpose built’
campus the way it was intended for use!

Speaking of the 25th of March, that will be the end of “Health Week” at Clarion! There are a
variety of activities your children will be involved in at school. One way YOU can participate
from home is to send in those healthy recipes for the ‘Clarion Cookbook’ to Ms. Narsisa in
the PE department at her email:

You can also begin to prepare for the ‘dress up as a fruit, vegetable or healthy food! This is
on March 25th!

Speaking of ‘dress up/down’ days, we have an additional one this month – next Thursday,
March 18th, “Book Character Day”. We hope your creativity is inspired.

Reading Month:

We have a variety of activities going on for reading month at Clarion, and one way you can
join in at home is to spend 10 to 15 minutes each day reading alongside your child(ren).

Thank you to all of you who have sent in ‘book exchange’ books for quarantine! Several
shelves of books are patiently waiting for the exchange days to arrive! Keep sending them in
to school for your child to get their exchange coupons!

The last word:

Parents set the example…with reading.

Part of reading month runs into the Spring Break. How we would love for you as parents to
approach reading as fun over the break … send in photos of you and your children reading
at home or wherever you are over the break. Where is YOUR favorite place to read at home
– a couch, the yard; the floor or a beanbag chair; at the beach or at a park; anywhere at all.
Send us a shot of YOU reading too! Send your photos to your homeroom teacher or to
Heerral Asnani.

We adults are watched by children, we set an example when we say ‘thank you’ or hold the
door open. Children see and learn from us. They do so when we read too. My mother read
every night on the couch with the TV on and we three boys worked our way through books
with her. My father would fall asleep with his book tented on his chest, while we giggled and
kept reading. We shared the newspaper together and as we got older, passed sections
around the table or in the living room on weekend mornings. My point is that my brothers
and I became readers because our parents read books, newspapers and magazines. Let’s
do that for our children at Clarion too!

Thank you for putting up with me, and thank you all for your morning smiles and waves
every weekday!


Jim #ClarionReadsAlot! Pastore

Clarion Newsletter  March 4, 2021

Clarion Newsletter March 4, 2021

In honor of Reading awareness month, Ms. Heena the librarian and Ms. Alyssa the Pre K C
teacher are partnering together to arrange a schoolwide Book Swap! This will give students
the opportunity to share and reuse pre-loved books with one another. The plan is for
everyone to bring in 1-5 books from their home that they would like to swap out for “new”
ones. In return, they will receive book coupons. The books will be collected from Sunday
March 7th to Thursday March 11th and put into a special quarantine in the library for safety.
Each teacher will collect the books in a bin and we will come around to collect them and
issue coupons. In the following weeks, classes will take turns swapping out their coupons
for new books to read and enjoy before Spring Break!

We will do this as separate Grade levels in the Pre K, K1 and K2, and mixed Grades 3-4-5
and Grades 1-2 mixed.

Please send the books in to the classroom homeroom teacher in a bag with your child’s
name on the bag for proper issuance of the exchange coupons!

Recipes for “Health Week” March 21-25: A note from Ms. Narsisa:

I am excited to announce that we are planning to create a Clarion Healthy Recipe book.

I was asking the children to describe their favorite healthy meal and I was very impressed
with the variety of flavors and ideas from different parts of the world. Wouldn’t it be fun to
share all of these ideas in a document and try and enjoy these in our own homes? It will be
a digital book that includes recipes that are approved and loved by Clarion students and
parents. It can be anything from breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or smoothie.

Do you have a healthy and delicious recipe to share within our Clarion community?

If yes, please send your recipe to Ms. Narsisa

Dress up reminders….see below!

March 18th – Book Characters Dress UP day

March 25th- Healthy Foods- fruits and vegetables Dress UP day!

PTC’s is now April 29th:

We have moved the scheduled PTC (parent teacher conferences) from March 22 to April
29th to match up with the 3rd quarter narrative progress report. Thanks for making a note
of this in your calendar as it is a ‘school day’ with the children at home for parents to
schedule zoom conferences with their teachers. The sign-ups will be sent to you at a later
date. Thank you!

In closing I want to thank you all for your support for what we do at Clarion. The weekly
KHDA visitor was here today, and she was so impressed with the way we are conducting
school, and how the teachers and students are making the absolute best of what we have
here to ensure that teaching and learning are minimally impacted by Covid regulations. She
actually said “I wish my children went to Clarion!”.

Clarion Newsletter  February 25, 2021

Clarion Newsletter February 25, 2021

Good afternoon Parents and friends of Clarion School,

Our Special Dress Down/Up Day today:

I’d like to thank the teachers, students and other staff who helped with the amazing
decorations in the courtyard today for Chinese New Year.

YES, I know that it was not this week; but since it happened over our mid-term break, I
wanted to give Ms. Srei the opportunity to showcase the work of her students in all grades
with these colorful and well-crafted projects.

Thank you Ms. Srei for your organizational skills and artistic leadership!

I’d also like to thank all of the parents who took the time over the last several days to craft
different ways to express the varying Chinese Zodiac signs that represent your children’s
birthyears. I spent my morning smiling and taking photos as your children proudly showed
off their designs. I saw:







Snakes…and much much more! Your efforts are so appreciated. And inside the crafting
and artistic work you and your children did lies the real secret to Clarion and how we
educate your children.

Parent Coffee 10 AM next Tuesday the 2nd of March:

Thank you for understanding I was a bit busy this last week and “missed” the coffee
morning invite for you all.

On the 2nd we will meet again and with me will be Ms. Narsisa, one of our PE teachers and
the team leader of the specialist teachers at Clarion School. She will present to you what
our plans are for the Clarion School “Health Week” March 21st to 25th. That week will be a
great way to ‘prep’ you all for a healthier Spring Break the two weeks that follow Health

Parent Surveys:

We sent to you all emails about two things recently:

The NEASC parent survey about Clarion the week before our mid-term break. Please
do this for us by March 2nd so we can take the next steps in our accreditation for the
site visit by NEASC in October or November of 2021. Thank you!
The re-enrollment survey that went home yesterday. Please send it back to us by the
7th of March. We need to project staffing and ordering for next year and also plan for
growth with the influx of applications we are seeing – an amazing number of parents are
coming to check Clarion out!
Special Request:

As part of our National Curriculum and respect for culture programming at Clarion we are
looking for a ‘classic’ majilis tent to put in the sand garden areas middle of the circular ramp
at school. We would love to use this for most of the year, and we will outfit it with a carpet,
cushions, (and a whiteboard too!), etc. for use by class groups for reading, but even more
so by the Islamic Studies classes for class sessions and prayer. By having a tent we can
also move it around campus when we need it for other events or for other usages. Sourcing
them online is difficult right now, so I figured I would ask our parents and friends of Clarion.
The size would be at maximum about 3 meters by 4 meters, with the ‘classic’ red and black
striped tented top and walls. Thanks for any tips or advice you can give me and for pointing
me in the right direction!