We understand that choosing the most appropriate learning environment for your child is never an easy decision. However, we are here to help and aim to provide you with enough clarity on Clarion so you understand who we are and how your child can benefit from being with us.

Clarion School offers a progressive American education culminating with the IB Diploma.

We offer a rich, challenging and meaningful curriculum where we incorporate a variety of experiential learning opportunities to encourage children to deeply engage with their learning. This involves a lot of careful planning and intention from our teachers. That is why all our class teachers are required to have a Masters Degree in Education from the top US universities. It is also why all our Assistant Teachers are required to have a degree in education as well.

In the meantime please visit the links below to get a good sense of what learning at Clarion means and how we can support your child.

Our Educational Approach


Clarion School

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