The Campus and Facilities

Clarion educators in collaboration with Bank Street College of Education, designers and an award-winning architectural firm have helped create a learning environment that supports the learning experiences of all children.

Extended outdoor learning spaces to wide hallways support opportunities for varied learning centers and one-to-one learning. From outdoor play equipment customized by Natural Playgrounds in New Hampshire to a technology environment supported by Apple, we ensure that our children are able to engage in a developmentally supportive way while developing the appropriate skills and competencies to effectively engage with an undefined future.

The Clarion library is a real source of pride for the school and uses a range of multimedia opportunities to extend children’s learning and promote independent learning. ‘Block-work’ holds a special place in the lower grades, allowing young people to construct and deconstruct learning. Specialists areas including a “Maker Space” and Woodworking help develop critical thinking, collaboration and creativity while supporting a number of traits we seek to develop in each of our child from perseverance to empathy.

We have a designed environment to support various learning goals.

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Classroom Environment

Apple Enabled Learning Environment
Ipads And Macbooks in the Classrooms
Community Playthings™ Classroom Furniture

Academic Environment

Math Labs
Science Labs
Science Prep Rooms
Environmental Science Lab
Primary Library/Study Area
Middle School Library/Study Area
High School Library/Study Area

Physical Activity Environment

Natural Playgrounds™ Designed Playground Equipment
Shaded Play Areas
Indoor Activity Hall
Multi Purpose Sports Hall
Playing Fields
Basketball Court
Tennis Court
Climbing Wall
Learner Pool
Competition Pool

Creative Environment

Language Labs
Design & Technology Labs
Food Tech Labs
Woodworking Shop
Performing Arts Studios
Dance Studios
Visual Arts Studios
Music Studios
Individual Music Practice Rooms
Outdoor Amphitheater
Black Box Theater
Indoor Performance Space
Book Cafe