Meet our Support Educators
Pre – K Support Educators
Clarion School Dubai
Jessica Borja
Pre-K A
Clarion School Dubai
Grace Bacurnay
Pre-K B
K1 Support Educators
Gemmarie Cristobal
K1 A
Chelo Orlando
K1 B
Meralin Ardeno
K1 C
K2 Support Educators
Perpetual Njema
K2 A
Glaizah Abayon
K2 B
Leah Renomeron
K2 C
Clarion School Dubai
Lorraine Gabriel
K2 D
Grade 1 Support Educators
Clarion School Dubai
Alyssa Torres
G1 A
Clarion School Dubai
Cherry Nyambura
G1 B
Clarion School Dubai
Bernadette Vasquez
G1 C
Grade 2 Support Educators
Clarion School Dubai
Maricris Arisga
G2 A
Clarion School Dubai
Sameh Ahmed
G2 B
Lydia Brighter
G2 C
Grade 3 Support Educator
Clarion School Dubai
Ruth Onmonya
G3 A
Clarion School Dubai
Kabirat Bisiriyu
G3 B
Grade 5,6, 7 Support
Hazel Arellano
Science Lab Assistant

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