Meet our Specialist Teachers

Narsisa Chamelo

Head of Physical Education and Specialists

Born and raised in Greece, Narsisa was a competitive track and field athlete competing in national events. At the age of 18, she moved to England and lived there for ten years. During this time, she completed her Master’s degree of science in Health Promotion at King’s College London and her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education at De Montfort University. She taught at Queen’s Gate London school for five years before joining international schools abroad. Narsisa has eleven years of teaching experience in the UK, Qatar, Vietnam and the UAE. She is the Clarion swim coach and the health ambassador of our school.

She is passionate about promoting healthy body, mind and soul. She believes in lifelong participation in sports and attention to balanced nutrition are essential for


Antonis Antoniades

Physical Education Educator

Born in Greece, Antonis’ journey in sports started 15 years ago when he earned his bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Sports Science from Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, specializing in Swimming and as a Lifeguard. He became a sports trainer and instructor in Thessaloniki concentrating in TRX, circuit training, personal and group training as well as analyzing and evaluating performance. Antonis then worked as a swimming instructor with young children, developing their confidence and love for the water. He worked alongside child psychologists to effectively and efficiently create tutorials and teach core values such as communication, co-operation, and participation. Antonis moved to the UAE in 2016 and started working in the educational field as a PE teacher with his latest position being held in an American curriculum school for middle school and elementary students.

Iva Kozlina

Music Educator

Iva began her studies in the USA when she was awarded a full scholarship to study Music Performance for a year in the USA Global UGRAD University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. She then continued her studies to receive a BA in Music Performance and Education from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia and more recently Iva was awarded yet another scholarship from the Turkish Government Türkiye Scholarships whereby she graduated with a MA in Musicology.

Iva is fluent in English and Serbian and is also able to converse in Turkish and Spanish.

Iva’s specialities are the violin, viola and piano. She is dedicated into making her music lessons engaging and enjoyable which help promote long lasting practice habits. She is experienced in leading ensembles and orchestras as well as offering a strong foundation in musical theory and exemplary communication skills.

Tracey Kennedy

Drama Educator


Parisa Tonkaboni

Art Educator


Elham Abu Omar

Technology Integrator Educator

Elham joins Clarion as our Technology Integration Specialist. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Yarmouk University, Jordan.

During the past ten years, she has worked in Dubai private schools, teaching STEM, computer science, robotics and coding. Her philosophy is that technology should be an integral part of how the classroom functions and technology must be as accessible as all other classroom tools. She is passionate that Clarion students use technology as a tool in their learning.

Sheila Robinson

SEN Educator

Sheila is a licensed special education teacher under the Community Development Authority Dubai (CDA) allowing her to provide special education services in the Emirates. Sheila holds an equalized Master's Degree from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research UAE which she has completed back in the Philippines. She has been in the UAE since 2013, and has worked in several prestigious institutions and schools prior to joining Clarion.

Sheila’s chief goal as an educator has been to establish an academic culture in her classrooms characterized by praise, encouragement, support and a commitment to outstanding outcomes for all her students. She has extensive experience in the management and coordination of Therapy Supports and supervision of Inclusion Teachers and Learning Support Assistants’ leading to remarkably improved abilities to carry out lessons and assigned tasks through training and demonstration of good educational practice.

Arisha D’sa

SEN Educator

Arisha was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Honors & Distinction from the University of Goa. Her determination to help make a positive difference in the lives of young children with challenges has included working as an Educator for six rewarding years at The Developing Child Centre Dubai.

Arisha possesses a strong flair for creativity & music with a keen interest in the field of expressive arts therapy. She has completed her vocal exam from the Trinity College of London and is currently pursuing a certificate in Music therapy with an aim to attain further training as an expressive arts therapist in the future. In 2019, Arisha obtained her postgraduate certificate in Speech, Language and Communication Needs in Children (SLCN-C) from the Riverston Group London in partnership with Anglia Ruskin University.

Arianna Yarshenko

ELL Educator
Arianna joins Clarion as an ELL Educator. She is highly experienced in designing lesson plans for her students, and loves incorporating modern teaching techniques by creating a fun and interactive atmosphere in the classroom. Her goal is to contribute to the development and growth of students’ learning experiences and cultivate their love for English and Spanish Language.

Harold James Lopez



Jill Damasco

Before coming to the UAE in 2016, Jill taught as a Grade 5 teacher in the Philippines. She finished her Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English at the Father Saturnino Urios University in the Philippines. She joins Clarion as SEN Learning Support Assistant, dedicated to providing students the development and support they need.

Sameh Ahmed


Heena Chudasama

School Librarian

Heena has been Clarion’s Librarian for the past three years. Her passion for learning and books shows through in her work with Clarion children and staff. She grew up in a historic area of Greater London called Pinner, 12 miles northwest from Charing Cross. She has lived in Dubai with her husband and two boys for the past ten years and taught in Dubai schools. She holds a Bachelor’s in Business and Finance and Diploma in Early Childhood Education in the UK.

Yasmin Gabr

School Counselor
Yasmin graduated in Ain Shams University in Cairo with a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration. She received her Graduate Certificate and finished her Master of Education in International School Counseling at Lehigh University, in Pennsylvania. With over 19 years of experience in counseling, Yasmin is extensively trained in counseling theories and therapeutic interventions using person-centered, solution-focused, and holistic approach in working with students. She is strongly committed to life-long learning and professional development. Her hobbies include reading, yoga, and swimming.

Victor Aziz

Makerspace Educator
Victor joins Clarion as a Makerspace Educator. Aside from his creative and innovative nature, he is also passionate about theatre production, casting, and everything about the performing arts. He has taught in the USA, Japan, and Germany. Victor graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Florida State University.
Meet the Language Teachers

Rekia Amair

French Educator


Dina Elemam

French Educator
Dina brings 15 years of experience as a French Teacher. She is a highly dynamic French language educator and a compassionate leader. Dina has helped and worked with various international schools as the French Head of Department. Aside from teaching French, she also speaks and writes fluently in 3 languages: English, French, and Arabic. Dina received her bachelor’s degree at Alexandria University in Alexandria, Egypt.

Mohamed Mahmoud Othman

Head of Arabic - MOE


Clarion School Dubai

Mahmoud Zahran

Arabic Language Teacher
Mahmoud brings to Clarion his experience teaching Arabic A and B, and Islamic studies for the past eight years in Dubai. Mahmoud is a member of Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s Jury Commission for the Arabic Reading Challenge, an international competition that encourages students to read in Arabic. Mahmoud holds a Bachelor of Arabic and Islamic Studies from Dar Al Uloom Cairo University, Egypt. Mahmoud also is qualified in Classroom Management, from the SRS School, Dubai, UAE. He was awarded the Excellence in Writing Scientific Research, from Cairo University in 2013.
Clarion School Dubai

Shaimaa Magdy

Arabic Language Teacher

Shaimaa comes to Clarion as an Arabic and Islamic teacher. Born and raised in Egypt, she obtained her Bachelor degree in Arabic from the Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University. Shaimaa earned her educational qualification diploma certificate from the Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, Cario.

For the past three years, she last taught Arabic and Islamic from first to fifth grades in the UAE, previously to that she taught in schools in Egypt.

Fadya Hussein

Arabic Language Educator

Alaa Hussainy

Arabic Language Teacher
Alaa comes to Clarion with 22 years of experience in teaching Arabic & Islamic Studies. She went to Cairo University in Egypt where she received her bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language Studies/Islamic Science. She also holds a High Leverage Teaching Practices Diploma from the TELLAL Institute in Dubai.

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