Clarion is the benchmark for discerning parents who seek a transformational learning experience. A place where teachers and children co-create a rich environment of challenging and relevant learning.

At Clarion, our vision starts with a fundamental question: How do we prepare our children to take full advantage of life’s opportunities as collaborative, productive and responsible members of a global community? We define it as developing active learners who are passionate, curious and can think critically so that they can continuously evolve, adapt and contribute in a rapidly changing world. At Clarion, when a child asks a question, we don’t give the child the answer, we respond:” Good question, now, how can we find out the answer?”.

Clarion School offers a challenging, engaging and supportive educational program, enriched by collaboration with our parents, strengthened by strong external partnerships and delivered by the highest standard of teachers.

We believe the strong foundational skills of literacy, numeracy and science are critical, but not enough to allow our children to succeed in a rapidly changing world. We also nurture intellectual curiosity, reflection and higher order conceptual thinking through an innovative and experiential curriculum. Our enhanced curriculum further encourages the development of character through active learning.

At Clarion, we have high expectations of our students; that they will be challenged to engage the world as full participants of a global community. Our goal is to not only prepare them for acceptance into competitive universities, but also for future success and fulfilment in both work and life.

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