Welcome to Clarion School, a place that believes in the power of curiosity that lives within each and every child. Our mission is to ignite and keep alive their endless quest for discovery. A child with a curious mind will forever be empowered for the possibilities of an undefined future.

Our vision is to be the leading educational institution in the region, nurturing each student’s potential so that they may take full advantage of life’s opportunities as collaborative, productive and responsible members of a global community

Clarion School delivers a curriculum developed in collaboration with one of the foremost US Graduate Schools of Education. Aligned to meet the highest tier of US Standards, including the Common Core +15, Clarion school offers learning that is interdisciplinary, engaging and challenging and taught by Educators who are qualified to Master’s level.

Clarion educators in collaboration with Bank Street College of Education, designers and an award-winning architectural firm have helped create a learning environment that supports the learning experiences of all children.

Parents are welcome at Clarion and parental involvement is vital to the Clarion School community. Clarion School leadership strongly believes in parents as partners and supports this with its open door policy.

Our experienced leadership team has worked together over the past year on every aspect of the curriculum design and design of the learning environment at Clarion School.

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