Educational Approach

Clarion School delivers a curriculum developed in collaboration with one of the foremost US Graduate Schools of Education. Aligned to meet the highest tier of US Standards, including the Common Core +15, Clarion school offers learning that is interdisciplinary, engaging and challenging and taught by Educators who are qualified to Master’s level.

Our highly expert teachers use every opportunity to foster intellectual mastery and promote cognitive growth by creating a safe place for children to ask questions and take risks. Our educational approach is based on the fundamental principle that if we can understand your child and figure out what their interests are and what makes them “tick”, then we can fully engage their curiosity so that they may learn deeper, richer and more meaningfully. This is the reason why the Master Educators at the Clarion School spend a significant amount of time in after-school planning sessions with the other teachers designing activities, experiments and situations for the children. The goal is for the children to engage with the material and also to develop the key skills of critical thinking, creativity, persistence and curiosity.

Clarion’s holistic educational model focuses on the developmental stages of a child’s growth, the inseparability of social, emotional and intellectual components of the mind, and the importance of active, experiential engagement with the robust classroom lesson.

Clarion School is also centrally located on a campus that has been purposefully designed to be a safe and engaging environment. Class sizes are kept deliberately small to ensure that teachers have quality time to plan and deliver a unique educational experience for each learner in spacious classrooms and learning spaces.

We also believe that learning is not restricted to the classroom. The school has wide corridors with learning stations throughout as well as glass doors in the classrooms which open to the natural outdoor courtyards. Given its strategic location close to Business Bay and Sheikh Zayed Road, the campus also offers multiple opportunities to engage with the innovative business, scientific and arts centers of Dubai.

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